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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Deciphering protein signatures using color, morphological, and topological analysis of immunohistochemically stained human tissues
Erwan Zerhouni, Bogdan Prisacari, Qing Zhong, Peter Wild, Maria Gabrani
SPIE Medical Imaging, pp. 97910T--97910T, 2016

Layout pattern analysis using the Voronoi diagram of line segments
Sandeep Kumar Dey, Panagiotis Cheilaris, Maria Gabrani, Evanthia Papadopoulou
Journal of Micro/Nanolithography, MEMS, and MOEMS 15(1), 013504-013504, 2016


Topology and context-based pattern extraction using line-segment Voronoi diagrams
Sandeep Kumar Dey, Panagiotis Cheilaris, Nathalie Casati, Maria Gabrani and Evanthia Papadopoulou
in Design-Process-Technology Co-optimization for Manufacturability IX, Proceedings of SPIE, 2015

Experiments using Automated Sample Plan Selection for OPC Modelling
Ramya Viswanathan, Om Jaiswal, Nathalie Casati, Amr Abdo, James Oberschmidt, Josef Watts and Maria Gabrani
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Surface Reconstruction from Microscopic Images in Optical Lithography
Virginia Estellers, Jean-Philippe Thiran, Maria Gabrani
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Estimating pattern sensitivity to the printing process for varying dose/focus conditions for RET development in the sub-22nm era
Benoit Seguin, Henri Saab, Maria Gabrani, Virginia Estellers
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Fast detection of novel problematic patterns based on dictionary learning and prediction of their lithographic difficulty
Frank de Morsier, D DeMaris, M Gabrani, N Casati
in Optical Microlithography XXVII, Kafai Lai (Ed.), Proceedings of SPIE, pp. 905211, 2014

Implementing the L Segment Voronoi Diagram in CGAL and Applying in VLSI Pattern Analysis
Panagiotis Cheilaris, Sandeep Kumar Dey, Maria Gabrani, Evanthia Papadopoulou
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Automated sample plan selection for OPC modeling
Nathalie Casati, Maria Gabrani, Ramya Viswanathan, Zikri Bayraktar, Om Jaiswal, David DeMaris, Amr Y Abdo, James Oberschmidt, Andreas Krause
in Optical Microlithography XXVII, Kafai Lai (Ed.), Proceedings of SPIE, pp. 90520J, 2014


Surface reconstruction from microscopic images in optical lithography
Virginia Estellers Casas, Jean-Philippe Thiran, Maria Gabrani
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Fast source independent estimation of lithographic difficulty supporting large scale source optimization
David DeMaris, Maria Gabrani, Sankha S Sarkar, Nathalie Casati, Ronald Luijten, Kafai Lai, Kehan Tian
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Design specific joint optimization of masks and sources on a very large scale
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Extension of an InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter Model and Performance Analysis
F Auernhammer, A Doering, M Gabrani, P Sagmeister, A Herkersdorf
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A 90nm CMOS cryptographic core with improved fault-tolerance in presence of massive defect density
M. Stanisavljevic, F.K. Gürkaynak, A. Schmid, Y. Leblebici, M. Gabrani
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Design and realization of a fault-tolerant 90nm CMOS cryptographic engine capable of performing under massive defect density
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Case study of fault-tolerant architectures for 90nm CMOS crythographic cores
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On networking multithreaded processor design: hardware thread prioritization
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Design methodology for a modular service-driven network processor architecture
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Scalable motion compensated scan-rate upconversion
A. Pelagotti, M. Gabrani, I.E. Heynderickx, G.A. Lunter
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Dynamic behaviour of consumer multimedia terminals: video processing aspects
M. Gabrani, C. Hetschel, L. Steffens, R. Bril
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Scalable algorithms for media processing
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Scalable video algorithms and quality-of-service resource management for consumer terminals
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Multimedia QoS in consumer terminals
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A novel interpolation problem: surface based matching
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