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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Optimization of a manufacturing process of an integrated circuit layout
David L DeMaris, Maria Gabrani, Ekaterina Volkova
US Patent 8,661,370


Layout Assessment Method and System
Nathalie Casati, David DeMaris, Frank De Morsier, Virginia Estellers Casas, Maria Gabrani

Automatic filtering of sem images
Maria Gabrani, Virginia Estellers
US Patent App. 13/853,123


Automatic wafer data sample planning and review
Nathalie Casati, David DeMaris, Maria Gabrani, Ronald P Luijten
US Patent App. 13/663,816

Method for fast estimation of lithographic binding patterns in an integrated circuit layout
S. Bagheri, D.L. DeMaris, M. Gabrani, D.O. Melville, A.E. Rosenbluth, K. Tian, others
US Patent 8,234,603


Method for monitoring data congestion in a computer network with multiple nodes and method for controlling data transmission in the computer network
Wolfgang Emil Denzel, Andreas Christian Doring, Maria Cabrani, Mircea Gusat, Patricia Maria Sagmeister, Thomas Schlipf
US Patent App. 20,090/141,630


System and method utilizing programmable ordering relation for direct memory access
A.C. Doering, P.M. Sagmeister, J.B. Rohrer, S. Dragone, R. Clauberg, F.A. Auernhammer, M. Gabrani
US Patent 7,613,850



Method and a system for allocation of a budget to a task
Reinder Jaap Bril, Maria Gabrani, Christian Hentschel, Elisabeth Francisca Maria Steffens, Cornelis Conradus Adrianus Maria Van Zon
US Patent 7,058,951

System and method for managing flow of a plurality of packets in a lossless communication network
M Gusat, C J A Minkenberg, W E Denzel, P M Sagmeister, A C Doring, T Schlipf, M Gabrani
US Patent App. 11/536,101


Method of running a media application and a media system with job control
M. Gabrani, C. Hentschel, C.C.A.M. Van Zon, E.F.M. Steffens, R.J. Bril
US Patent App. 10/483,152

Resource management for a system-on-chip (SoC)
M. Gabrani, A.C. Doering, P.M. Saqmeister, P. Buchmann, A. Herkersdorf
US Patent App. 11/005,955


Data communications method and apparatus
M. Gabrani, A. Herkersdorf
US Patent App. 10/650,316


Image processing method and system to increase perceived visual output quality in cases of lack of image data
Maria Gabrani, Christian Hentschel, Elisabeth Steffens, Reinder Bril
US Patent App. 10/502,182