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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Cache Injection for Private Cache Architectures
F Auernhammer, P Sagmeister
Technical Report RZ 3776, 2010

Architectural support for user-level network interfaces in heavily virtualized systems
F Auernhammer, P Sagmeister
Proceedings of the 2nd conference on I/O virtualization, pp. 7--7, 2010


Design optimization of a highly parallel InfiniBand host channel adapter
F Auernhammer, P Sagmeister
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Extension of an InfiniBand Host Channel Adapter Model and Performance Analysis
F Auernhammer, A Doering, M Gabrani, P Sagmeister, A Herkersdorf
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DIADEM firewall: Web server overload attack detection and response
Gerhard Munz, Ali Fessi, Georg Carle, Oliver Paul, Dusan Gabrijelcic, Yannick Carlinet, Sherif Yusuf, Morris Sloman, Vrizlynn Thing, Jan van Lunteren, Patricia Sagmeister, and Gero Dittmann
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Design methodology for a modular service-driven network processor architecture
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Performance evaluation of network processor architectures: Combining simulation with analytical estimation
S Chakraborty, S K{"u}nzli, L Thiele, A Herkersdorf, P Sagmeister
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Early analysis tools for system-on-a-chip design
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Methodology for testing high-speed network devices with predicted traffic
Patricia Sagmeister, Gero Dittmann, Andreas Herkersdorf, David Webb
IEEE Gigabit Networking Workshop (GBN 2001)