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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



Molecular structure elucidation with charge-state control
Shadi Fatayer, Florian Albrecht, Yunlong Zhang, Diego Pena, Nikolaj Moll, Leo Gross
Science 365(6449), 142-145, AAAS, 2019


Atomic Force Microscopy for Molecular Structure Elucidation
Leo Gross, Bruno Schuler, Niko Pavlicek, Shadi Fatayer, Zsolt Majzik, Nikolaj Moll, Diego Pena, Gerhard Meyer
Angewandte Chemie International Edition 57(15), 3888--3908, Wiley Online Library, 2018

Reorganization energy upon charging a single molecule on an insulator measured by atomic force microscopy
Shadi Fatayer, Bruno Schuler, Wolfram Steurer, Ivan Scivetti, Jascha Repp, Leo Gross, Mats Persson, Gerhard Meyer
Nature nanotechnology 13(5), 376, Nature Publishing Group, 2018

Direct visualization of individual aromatic compound structures in low molecular weight marine dissolved organic carbon
Shadi Fatayer, Alysha I Coppola, Fabian Schulz, Brett D Walker, Taylor A Broek, Gerhard Meyer, Ellen RM Druffel, Matthew McCarthy, Leo Gross
Geophysical Research Letters, Wiley Online Library, 2018

Atomic force microscopy identifying fuel pyrolysis products and directing the synthesis of analytical standards
Shadi Fatayer, Nimesh Poddar, Sabela Quiroga, Fabian Schulz, Bruno Schuler, Subramanian Venkateswaran Kalpathy, Gerhard Meyer, Dolores P\'erez, Enrique Guitian, Diego Pe\~na, others
Journal of the American Chemical Society, ACS Publications, 2018


Molecular Chessboard Assemblies Sorted by Site-Specific Interactions of Out-of-Plane d-Orbitals with a Semimetal Template
Aneliia Wäckerlin, Shadi Fatayer, Thomas Nijs, Sylwia Nowakowska, S. Fatemeh Mousavi, Olha Popova, Aisha Ahsan, Thomas A. Jung, Christian Wäckerlin
Nano Letters 17(3), 1956--1962, 2017

Heavy Oil Based Mixtures of Different Origins and Treatments Studied by Atomic Force Microscopy
Bruno Schuler, Shadi Fatayer, Gerhard Meyer, Estrella Rogel, Michael Moir, Yunlong Zhang, Michael R. Harper, Andrew E. Pomerantz, Kyle D. Bake, Matthias Witt, Diego Peña, J. Douglas Kushnerick, Oliver C. Mullins, Cesar Ovalles, Frans G. A. van den Berg,
Energy \& Fuels 31(7), 6856--6861, 2017

Characterizing aliphatic moieties in hydrocarbons with atomic force microscopy
Bruno Schuler, Yunlong Zhang, Sara Collazos, Shadi Fatayer, Gerhard Meyer, Dolores Pérez, Enrique Guitián, Michael R. Harper, J. Douglas Kushnerick, Diego Peña, Leo Gross
Chem. Sci. 8(3), 2315--2320, 2017


Configuring Electronic States in an Atomically Precise Array of Quantum Boxes
Sylwia Nowakowska, Aneliia Wäckerlin, Ignacio Piquero-Zulaica, Jan Nowakowski, Shigeki Kawai, Christian Wäckerlin, Manfred Matena, Thomas Nijs, Shadi Fatayer, Olha Popova, Aisha Ahsan, S. Fatemeh Mousavi, Toni Ivas, Ernst Meyer, Meike Stöhr, J. Enrique
Small 12(28), 3757--3763, 2016

Reversible Bergman cyclization by atomic manipulation
Bruno Schuler, Shadi Fatayer, Fabian Mohn, Nikolaj Moll, Niko Pavliček, Gerhard Meyer, Diego Peña, Leo Gross
Nature Chemistry 8(3), 220--224, 2016


Self-assembly of NiTPP on Cu(111): a transition from disordered 1D wires to 2D chiral domains
Shadi Fatayer, Roberto G. A. Veiga, Mauricio J. Prieto, Eric Perim, Richard Landers, Roberto H. Miwa, Abner de Siervo
Phys. Chem. Chem. Phys. 17(28), 18344--18352, 2015

Programmed assembly of 4,2′:6′,4′′-terpyridine derivatives into porous, on-surface networks
Thomas Nijs, Frederik J. Malzner, Shadi Fatayer, Aneliia Wäckerlin, Sylwia Nowakowska, Edwin C. Constable, Catherine E. Housecroft, Thomas A. Jung
Chem. Commun. 51(61), 12297--12300, 2015

Interplay of weak interactions in the atom-by-atom condensation of xenon within quantum boxes
Sylwia Nowakowska, Aneliia Wäckerlin, Shigeki Kawai, Toni Ivas, Jan Nowakowski, Shadi Fatayer, Christian Wäckerlin, Thomas Nijs, Ernst Meyer, Jonas Björk, Meike Stöhr, Lutz H. Gade, Thomas A. Jung
Nature Communications6, 6071, 2015

Probe-based measurement of lateral single-electron transfer between individual molecules
Wolfram Steurer, Shadi Fatayer, Leo Gross, Gerhard Meyer
Nature Communications6, 8353, 2015


Electronic and structural study of Pt-modified Au vicinal surfaces: a model system for Pt–Au catalysts
Mauricio J. Prieto, Emilia A. Carbonio, Shadi Fatayer, Richard Landers, Abner de Siervo
Physical Chemistry Chemical Physics 16(26), 13329, 2014

Controlling the Dimensionality of On-Surface Coordination Polymers via Endo- or Exoligation
Aneliia Shchyrba, Christian Wäckerlin, Jan Nowakowski, Sylwia Nowakowska, Jonas Björk, Shadi Fatayer, Jan Girovsky, Thomas Nijs, Susanne C. Martens, Armin Kleibert, Meike Stöhr, Nirmalya Ballav, Thomas A. Jung, Lutz H. Gade
Journal of the American Chemical Society 136(26), 9355--9363, 2014