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Adv. Senior Engineer
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



Microfluidics in the "Open Space" for Performing Localized Chemistry on Biological Interfaces
Govind V Kaigala, Robert D Lovchik, Emmanuel Delamarche
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Capillary soft valves for microfluidics
Martina Hitzbleck, Laetitia Avrain, Valerie Smekens, Robert D Lovchik, Pascal Mertens, Emmanuel Delamarche
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Micro-immunohistochemistry using a microfluidic probe
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A method to characterize pattern density effects: chemical flare and develop loading
Linda K Sundberg, Gregory M Wallraff, Alexander M Friz, Amy E Zweber, Zdenek Benes, Robert D Lovchik, Emmanuel Delamarche, William D Hinsberg
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A microfluidic device for depositing and addressing two cell populations with intercellular population communication capability
Robert D Lovchik, Noemi Tonna, Fabio Bianco, Michela Matteoli, Emmanuel Delamarche
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Overflow microfluidic networks for open and closed cell cultures on chip
Robert D Lovchik, Fabio Bianco, Noemi Tonna, Ana Ruiz, Michela Matteoli, Emmanuel Delamarche
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Multilayered microfluidic probe heads
Robert D Lovchik, Ute Drechsler, Emmanuel Delamarche
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Controlled deposition of cells in sealed microfluidics using flow velocity boundaries
Robert D Lovchik, Fabio Bianco, Michela Matteoli, Emmanuel Delamarche
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Cellular microarrays for use with capillary-driven microfluidics
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