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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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OpenSky Report 2020: Analysing In-flight Emergencies using Big Data
Xavier Olive, Axel Tanner, Martin Strohmeier, Matthias Schäfer, Metin Feridun, Allan Tart, Ivan Martinovic, Vincent Lenders
2020 IEEE/AIAA 39th Digital Avionics Systems Conference (DASC), pp. 1--9


Managing Security Objects and -Processes Using an Extended BPM Approach and -System
J. Küster, N. Meyer, H. Völzer, M. Dubovitskaya, M. Osborne, A. Tanner
2019 IEEE 23rd International Enterprise Distributed Object Computing Conference (EDOC), pp. 197-205

Event Detection on Microposts: a Comparison of Four Approaches
A. Bhardwaj, A. Blarer, P. Cudre-Mauroux, V. Lenders, B. Motik, A. Tanner, A. Tonon
IEEE Transactions on Knowledge and Data Engineering, 2019

Anomalies in the Sky: Experiments with traffic densities and airport runway use
Axel Tanner, Martin Strohmeier
Proceedings of the 7th OpenSky Workshop 2019, pp. 51--62, EasyChair


Exploring density-based clustering for anomaly detection in air traffic data
Axel Tanner
6th OpenSky Workshop, 2018

Fusing Flight Data with Social Media Data
Axel Tanner, Vincent Lenders, Albert Blarer
IST-160 Specialists Meeting Big Data & Artificial Intelligence for Military Decision Making, pp. 12, 2018


Visualisation to simplify complex information (TREsPASS Deliverable D4.3.2)
Axel Tanner, Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Peter Hall, Jeroen Barendse, Olga Gadyatskaya

TREsPASS Information System (TREsPASS Deliverable D2.4.1)
Michael Osborne, Axel Tanner, Laura Fichtner, Wolter Pieters

From A to Z: Developing a Visual Vocabulary for Information Security Threat Visualisation
Eric Li, Jeroen Barendse, Frederic Brodbeck, Axel Tanner
Graphical Models for Security: Third International Workshop, GraMSec 2016, Lisbon, Portugal, June 27, 2016, Revised Selected Papers, pp. 102--118, Springer International Publishing


Examining the Contribution of Critical Visualisation to Information Security
Peter Hall, Claude Heath, Lizzie Coles-Kemp, Axel Tanner
Proceedings of the 2015 New Security Paradigms Workshop, pp. 59--72, ACM

Chapter 22 - Tool-based risk assessment of cloud infrastructures as socio-technical systems
Michael Nidd, Marieta Georgieva Ivanova, Christian W. Probst, Axel Tanner
The Cloud Security Ecosystem , pp. 495 - 517, Syngress, 2015

Gaining an Edge in Cyberspace with Advanced Situational Awareness
Vincent Lenders, Axel Tanner, Albert Blarer
IEEE Security & Privacy 13(2), 65-74, 2015


Advanced Situational Awareness for Active Cyber Defense
Vincent Lenders, Axel Tanner, Albert Blarer
NATO SAS-106 Symposium on Analysis Support to Decision Making in Cyber Defence and Security, 2014


Semi-Automated Data Center Hotspot Diagnosis
S. K. McIntosh, M. Feridun, A. Tanner, J. O. Kephart, M. Nidd, J. Lenchner, B. Yang, I. Barabasi
7th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM 2011), pp. 1--7, IEEE


A search engine for systems management
M. Feridun, A. Tanner
Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), 2010 IEEE, pp. 697--710

Using linked data for systems management
M. Feridun, A. Tanner
Network Operations and Management Symposium (NOMS), 2010 IEEE, pp. 926--929


Fusio: semantic integration of systems management and enterprise information
A Tanner, M Feridun, A Nikulchenko
IBM Research Report, IBM Technical Report RZ 3752, 2009


Architecting dependable and secure systems using virtualization
B Jansen, H V Ramasamy, M Schunter, A Tanner
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Policy-Based Automation to Improve Solution Engineering in IT Services
R. Sarkar, M. Devarakonda, A. Tanner
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Building an abstraction layer for management systems integration
M Feridan, M Moser, A Tanner
Proceedings of the 1st IEEE/IFIP International Workshop on End-to-End Virtualization and Grid Management (EVGM 2007), pp. 57--60


Data mining and machine learning--Towards reducing false positives in intrusion detection
T Pietraszek, A Tanner
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Trusted Virtual Domains: Secure foundations for business and IT services
Anthony Bussani, John Linwood Griffin, Bernhard Jansen, Klaus Julisch, Genter Karjoth, Hiroshi Maruyama, Megumi Nakamura, Ronald Perez, Matthias Schunter, Axel Tanner, others
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Simplifying correlation rule creation for effective systems monitoring
C. Araujo, A. Biazetti, A. Bussani, J. Dinger, M. Feridun, A. Tanner
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Lotus Notes Release 4.5 on AIX Systems: Installation, Customization and Administration
Axel Tanner, Peter Hope
IBM Redbook, IBM Redbook SG24-4694-01, 1996


Efficient Support Structures for Distributed Computing
E Rothauser, J Gustafsson, R F Hauser, A Meier, M Niksch, M Rappoport, A Tanner, A Wespi
IBM Research Report, 25, IBM, 1995


Dimensionalitäts-Übergang in supraleitenden Schichten und geschichteten Supraleitern
Axel Tanner
PhD Thesis, 1994


Attractive Hubbard model in the strong-coupling regime Relation between transition temperature, magnetic penetration depth and gap
Toni Schneider, H Beck, D Bormann, T Meintrup, S Schafroth, Axel Schmidt
Physica C: Superconductivity 216(3-4), 432--438, 1993

Dimensional crossover in the upper critical field of layered superconductors
Toni Schneider, Axel Schmidt
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Crossover from two to three dimensions in the layered xy-model
Axel Schmidt, Toni Schneider
Helvetica Physica Acta65, 484, 1992

Dimensional crossover in the layered xy-model
Axel Schmidt, Toni Schneider
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Dimensional Crossover Scaling in the Layered x y -Model and 4 He Films
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Transients and basins of attraction in neural network models
Heinz Horner, Dierk Bormann, Martin Frick, Harald Kinzelbach, Axel Schmidt
Z. Phys. B76, 381, 1989