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Senior Software Engineer
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Securing Kafka with Encryption-at-Rest
Chris Giblin, Sean Rooney, Pascal Vetsch, and Adrian Preston
2021 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), IEEE


Building and Operating a Large-Scale Enterprise Data Analytics Platform
Daniel Bauer, Florian Froese, Luis Garcés-Erice, Chris Giblin, Abdel Labbi, Zoltán A. Nagy, Niels Pardon, Sean Rooney, Peter Urbanetz, Pascal Vetsch, Andreas Wespi
Big Data Research, 100181, 2020


Kafka: the Database Inverted, but Not Garbled or Compromised
S. Rooney, P. Urbanetz, C. Giblin, D. Bauer, F. Froese, L. Garcés-Erice, S. Tomić
2019 IEEE International Conference on Big Data (Big Data), pp. 3874-3880


Accelerating the Deployment of Security Service Infrastructure with Collective Intelligence and Analytics
Maja Vukovic, Christopher Giblin, Sriram K. Rajagopal
2012 IEEE Ninth International Conference on Services Computing (SCC), pp. 625 - 632, IEEE


Towards an integrated approach to role engineering
C Giblin, M Graf, G Karjoth, A Wespi, I Molloy, J Lobo, S Calo
Proceedings of the 3rd ACM workshop on Assurable and usable security configuration, pp. 63--70, 2010




Regulations Expressed As Logical Models (REALM)
Christopher Giblin, Alice Y. Liu, Samuel Muller, Birgit Pfitzmann, Xin Zhou
Proceedings of the 2005 conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems: JURIX 2005: The Eighteenth Annual Conference, pp. 37-48
Abstract   business process, information technology, metamodeling, enforcement, metadata, traceability, realm, risk analysis, knowledge management, software deployment, business

Web services security configuration in a service-oriented architecture
T Imamura, M Tatsubori, Y Nakamura, C Giblin
Special interest tracks and posters of the 14th international conference on World Wide Web, pp. 1120--1121, ACM, 2005

Regulations Expressed As Logical Models(REALM), Research Report, IBM Research
C Giblin, AY Liu, S M{"u}ller, B Pfitzmann, X Zhou
Proceeding of the 2005 conference on Legal Knowledge and Information Systems: JURIX 2005: The Eighteenth Annual Conference, pp. 37--48


On autonomic computing architectures
J Koehler, C Giblin, D Gantenbein, R Hauser
Research Report (Computer Science) RZ3487, 2003


Remote code browsing, a network based computation utility
C Giblin, S Rooney, A Bussani
Management Technologies for E-Commerce and E-Business Applications 2506(2506), 121--132, Springer, 2002

Year Unknown

ECOWS 2010--Conference Organization
G A Papadopoulos, A Brogi, C Pautasso, H R M Nezhad, W Zimmermann, S Clarke, R Eshuis, P Grefen, B K{"o}nig-Ries, C Pahl, others, 0

ECOWS 2011--Conference Organization
C Pautasso, G Zavattaro, U Schreier, O Zimmermann, F Paoli de, W Zimmermann, A Achilleos, M Aiello, L Baresi, S Bhiri, others, 0

Separation of Duties and Entitlement Analyzer for Tivoli Access Manager. IBM alphaWorks, 2008
C Giblin, S Hada, G Karjoth, A Schade, Y Sodha, E Van Herreweghen
C Giblin, S Hada, G Karjoth, A Schade, Y Sodha..., 0