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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Catch It If You Can: Real-Time Network Anomaly Detection With Low False Alarm Rates
Georgios Kathareios, Andreea Anghel, Akos Mate, Rolf Clauberg, Mitch Gusat.
16th IEEE International Conference On Machine Learning And Applications (ICMLA), December 18-21, 2017, IEEE

Real-Time Security Services for SDN-based Datacenters
P. Varga, G. Kathareios, A. Mate, R. Clauberg, A. Anghel, P. Orosz, B. Nagy, T. Tothfalusi, L. Kovacs, M. Gusat
13th International Conference on Network and Service Management (CNSM), Nov. 26-30, 2017, IEEE


Unbiased Quantized Congestion Notification for Scalable Server Fabrics
Nikolaos Chrysos, Fredy Neeser, Rolf Clauberg, Daniel Crisan, Kenneth M. Valk, Claude Basso, Cyriel Minkenberg, Mitch Gusat
IEEE Micro 36(6), 50-58, IEEE, 2016


DOME Microserver: Performance Evaluation of suitable processors
R. Clauberg and R.P. Luijten
IBM internal report, 2015

Power measurements and cooling of the DOME 28nm 1.8GHz 24-thread ppc64 uServer compute node
Luijten, R.P.; Cossale, M.; Clauberg, R.; Doering, A.
2015 International Conference on IC Design & Technology (ICICDT), June 1-3, 2015, IEEE

A Record-Setting Microserver: A Data-Centre in a Shoebox
Matteo Cossale, Rolf Clauberg, Andreas Doering, Ronald Luijten, Bruno Michel, Stephan Paredes
ERCIM News102, 38, 2015

Energy-efficient microserver based on a 12-core 1.8 GHz 188K-CoreMark 28nm bulk CMOS 64b SoC for big-data applications with 159GB/S/L memory bandwidth system density
Ronald Luijten, Dae Pham, Rolf Clauberg, Matteo Cossale, Huy N Nguyen, Mihir Pandya
Solid-State Circuits Conference-(ISSCC), 2015 IEEE International, pp. 1--3


Tandem queue weighted fair smooth scheduling
Nikolaos Chrysos, Fredy Neeser, Mitch Gusat, Rolf Clauberg, Cyriel Minkenberg, Claude Basso, Kenneth Valk
Design Automation for Embedded Systems, 1--15, Springer, 2014


Arbitration of many thousand flows at 100G and beyond
Nikolaos Chrysos, Fredy Neeser, Mitch Gusat, Rolf Clauberg, Cyriel Minkenberg, Claude Basso, Kenneth Valk
Proceedings of the 2013 Interconnection Network Architecture: On-Chip, Multi-Chip, pp. 5--8


Occupancy Sampling for Terabit CEE Switches
F.D. Neeser, N.I. Chrysos, R. Clauberg, D. Crisan, M. Gusat, C. Minkenberg, K.M. Valk, C. Basso
High-Performance Interconnects (HOTI), 2012 IEEE 20th Annual Symposium on, pp. 64--71


RFID and Sensor Networks
R Clauberg
RFID Workshop, University of St. Gallen, Switzerland, Sept. 27, 2004


Data aggregation architectures for single-chip SDH/SONET framers
R Clauberg
IBM Journal of Research and Development 47(2-3), 211--221, IBM Corp. Riverton, NJ, USA, 2003


Single-chip 622-Mb/s SDH/SONET framer, digital cross-connect and add/drop multiplexer solution
P H Baechtold, M P Beakes, P Buchmann, R Clauberg, J F Ewen, J F Gilsdorf, P Hauviller, A Herkersdorf, J C Le Garrec, W Lemppenau, others
Solid-State Circuits, IEEE Journal of 36(1), 74--80, IEEE, 2001


Design methodology for a large communication chip
R Clauberg, P Buchmann, A Herkersdorf, DJ Webb
IEEE Design \& Test of Computers 17(3), 86--94, 2000

A scalable SDH/SONET framer architecture for datacom and telco applications
A Herkersdorf, P Buchmann, R Clauberg, HR Schindler, D Webb, W Lemppenau


A scalable modular architecture for SDH/SONET technology
R Clauberg, A Herkersdorf, W Lemppenau, HR Schindler
Proceedings of the International Conference on Computer Communications and Networks (ICCCN), Boston, MA, pp. 442--446, 1999


Three-Dimensional Vectorial Beam Propagation Method for Anisotropic Medium
O J F Martin, R Clauberg, F K Reinhart
Integrated Photonics Research10, 1993

Picosecond Photoemission Probing
H Beha, R Clauberg
Electron Beam Testing Technology , pp. 289-313, Plenum Press, 1993



Vectorial beam-propagation method for integrated optics
R Clauberg, P Von Allmen
Electronics letters 27(8), 654--655, IET, 1991

Demonstration of the Three-Dimensional Vectorial Beam Propagation Method
O.J. Martin, R. Clauberg, P. von Allmen
Proceedings of 17th European Conference on Optical Communication ECOC'91, 8th International Optics and Optical Fibre Communication Conference IOOC'91, Paris, France, September 9-12, 1991, Part 1, 281-284

Beam properties of AlGaAs power lasers with high-quality etched mirrors
GL Bona, P Buchmann, R Clauberg, H Jaeckel, P Vettiger, O Voegeli, DJ Webb, I B M R Div, S Ruschlikon
IEEE Photonics Technology Letters 3(5), 412--414, 1991


Voltage detector and sub-micrometer focusing unit for photoemission probing
R Clauberg, A Blacha, HK Seitz
Review of Scientific Instruments 61(3), 1044--1054, AIP, 1990

Contactless, high-speed waveform measurements on gallium arsenideICs
HK Seitz, A Blacha, R Clauberg, H Beha, J Feder
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Picosecond photoemission probing of integrated circuits: Capabilities, limitations, and applications
R Clauberg, H Beha, A Blacha, HK Seitz
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Laserstrahl-Photoemissions-Testen Ultraschneller Integrierter Schaltkreise
R. Clauberg, H. Beha
Mikroelektronik 2/1989, 74-77 (invited papaer for issue on VLSI testing)

High electron density effects in electron spectroscopies: Consequences for picosecond photoemission and electron-beam sampling
R Clauberg, A Blacha
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Progress in photoemission sampling
H Beha, R Clauberg, HK Seitz, A Blacha
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Die Entwicklung der spinaufgeloesten Photoemissionsspektroskopie fuer magnetische Materialien
R. Clauberg
Vakuum-Technik, 37. Jahrgang, Heft 7-8/1988, 197-203 (invited paper for special issue to the 80th birthday of Prof. Max Auwaerter)


Cross-talk and transit-time effects in stroboscopic voltage measurements via electron emission
R. Clauberg, A. Blacha, H. Beha
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R. Clauberg
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