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Research Staff Member
IBM Research – Zurich, Rüschlikon, Switzerland


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Professional Associations:  IEEE, Senior Member


Computerized methods for prefetching data based on machine learned sequences of memory addresses
Andreea Anghel, Peter Altevogt, Gero Dittmann, Cedric Lichtenau
US Patent 10,437,718

Efficient and secure connection of devices to a network without user interfaces
Gero Dittmann, Daniel Bauer
US Patent 10,341,343

Owner-Based Device Authentication and Authorization for Network Access
Gero Dittmann, Andreas X. Meier, Jan Camenisch
US Patent 10,171,439


Computerized branch predictions and decisions
Peter Altevogt, Andreea Anghel, Gero Dittmann, Cedric Lichtenau, Thomas Pflueger
US Patent App. 15/599770

Near-memory accelerator for offloading pointer chasing operations from a processing element
Gero Dittmann
US Patent 9,946,659

Motion detection device and system for motion controlled switching of a peripheral device
Gero Dittmann
US Patent 10,133,247


Selection of Variable Memory-Access Size
Andreea Anghel, Cedric Lichtenau, Gero Dittmann, Peter Altevogt, Thomas Pflueger
US Patent App. 15/729849


Automated Management of Verification Waivers
Gero Dittmann
US Patent 8,495,542


Self-tuning power management techniques
Gero Dittmann, Reinaldo A Bergamaschi, Indira Nair, Alper Buyuktosunoglu
US Patent 8,001,405


Optimal Performance and Power Management With Two Dependent Actuators
Gero Dittmann, Alper Buyuktosunoglu, Indira Nair, Reinaldo A Bergamaschi
US Patent App. 12/201,877


Method for preserving the order of data packets processed along different processing paths
Gero Dittmann, Laurent Frelechoux, Andreas Herkersdorf
US Patent 7,406,083

Method and system for ordered dynamic distribution of packet flows over network processors
Francois Abel, Alan Benner, Gero Dittmann, Andreas Herkersdorf
US Patent 7,359,318; WO Patent 2,003,075,520


Timeout determination method and apparatus
Gero Dittmann, Andreas Herkersdorf
US Patent 7,307,951


Data packet processing (caching in network processors)
Gero Dittmann
US Patent App. 10/776,788