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Research Staff Member
Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland



Programmable colloidal molecules from sequential capillarity-assisted particle assembly
Songbo Ni, Jessica Leemann, Ivo Buttinoni, Lucio Isa, Heiko Wolf
Science Advances 2(4), American Association for the Advancement of Science, 2016


Insights into mechanisms of capillary assembly
Songbo Ni, Jessica Leemann, Heiko Wolf, Lucio Isa
Faraday Discuss.181, 225--242, 2015

Sub-20 nm silicon patterning and metal lift-off using thermal scanning probe lithography
Heiko Wolf, Colin Rawlings, Philipp Mensch, James L. Hedrick, Daniel J. Coady, Urs Duerig, Armin W. Knoll
Journal of Vacuum Science \& Technology B, Nanotechnology and Microelectronics: Materials, Processing, Measurement, and Phenomena 33(2), 02B102, 2015

Capillary assembly of cross-gradient particle arrays using a microfluidic chip
Songbo Ni, Mona J.K. Klein, Nicholas D. Spencer, Heiko Wolf
Microelectronic Engineering141, 12--16, 2015

Accurate Location and Manipulation of Nanoscaled Objects Buried under Spin-Coated Films
Colin Rawlings, Heiko Wolf, James L. Hedrick, Daniel J. Coady, Urs Duerig, Armin W. Knoll
ACS Nano 9(6), 6188--6195, 2015


Enhanced Electrical and Thermal Interconnects by the Self-Assembly of Nanoparticle Necks Utilizing Capillary Bridging
Thomas Brunschwiler, Gerd Schlottig, Songbo Ni, Yu Liu, Javier V Goicochea, Jonas Zuercher, Heiko Wolf
Journal of Electronic Packaging 136(4), 041012, American Society of Mechanical Engineers, 2014

Cascaded Assembly of Complex Multiparticle Patterns
Songbo Ni, Mona J. K. Klein, Nicholas D. Spencer, Heiko Wolf
Langmuir 30(1), 90--95, 2014


Deterministic assembly of linear gold nanorod chains as a platform for nanoscale applications
Antje Rey, Guillaume Billardon, Emanuel Loertscher, Kasper Moth-Poulsen, Nicolai Stuhr-Hansen, Heiko Wolf, Thomas Bjornholm, Andreas Stemmer, Heike Riel
Nanoscale 5(18), 8680, 2013


Formulation of Percolating Thermal Underfills Using Hierarchical Self-Assembly of Microparticles and Nanoparticles by Centrifugal Forces and Capillary Bridging
Thomas Brunschwiler, Gerd Schlottig, Songbo Ni, Yu Liu, Javier V Goicochea, Jonas Zuercher, Heiko Wolf
Journal of microelectronics and electronic packaging 9(4), 149--159, 2012

Note: A microfluidic chip setup for capillarity-assisted particle assembly.
MJ Klein, C. Kuemin, T. Tamulevicius, M. Manning, H. Wolf
The Review of scientific instruments 83(8), 086109, 2012

Oriented Assembly of Gold Nanorods on the Single-Particle Level
C. Kuemin, L. Nowack, L. Bozano, N.D. Spencer, H. Wolf
Advanced Functional Materials, Wiley Online Library, 2012

Self-Assembly: Oriented Assembly of Gold Nanorods on the Single-Particle Level (Adv. Funct. Mater. 4/2012)
C. Kuemin, L. Nowack, L. Bozano, N.D. Spencer, H. Wolf
Advanced Functional Materials 22(4), 666, Wiley Online Library, 2012

Enhanced centrifugal percolating thermal underfills based on neck formation by capillary bridging
Javier V Goicochea, Thomas Brunschwiler, Jonas Zuercher, Heiko Wolf, Keiji Matsumoto, Bruno Michel
Thermal and Thermomechanical Phenomena in Electronic Systems (ITherm), 2012 13th IEEE Intersociety Conference on, pp. 1234--1241


High-grade optical polydimethylsiloxane for microfluidic applications
R. D. Lovchik, H. Wolf, and E. Delamarche
Biomedical Microdevices 13(6), 1027-1032, Springer, 2011

Directed Placement of Gold Nanorods Using a Removable Template for Guided Assembly
F. Holzner, C. Kuemin, P. Paul, J.L. Hedrick, H. Wolf, N.D. Spencer, U. Duerig, A.W. Knoll
Nano Letters 11(9), 3957-3962, ACS Publications, 2011

Precise Placement of Gold Nanorods by Capillary Assembly
C. Kuemin, R. Stutz, N.D. Spencer, H. Wolf
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Templated Self-Assembly of Particles
T. Kraus and H. Wolf
Springer Handbook of Nanotechnology, B. Bhushan, Ed., pp. 187-210, Berlin, Heidelberg: Springer, 2010

Direct write 3-dimensional nanopatterning using probes
D. Pires, A. Knoll, U. Duerig, U. Drechsler, M. Despont, H. Wolf, J. Hedrick, and E. de Silva
Proc. SPIE 7637, Alternative Lithographic Technologies II, pp. 76371E 76371E 7, 2010

Precision Patterning with Luminescent Nanocrystal-Functionalized Beads
E. Fanizza, L. Malaquin, T. Kraus, H. Wolf, M. Striccoli, N. Micali, A. Taurino, A. Agostiano, M.L. Curri
Langmuir, ACS Publications, 2010

Selective Assembly of Sub-Micrometer Polymer Particles
C. Kuemin, K. Cathrein Huckstadt, E. Loertscher, A. Rey, A. Decker, N.D. Spencer, H. Wolf
Advanced Materials 22(25), 2804-2808, 2010

Nanoscale three-dimensional patterning of molecular resists by scanning probes
D. Pires, J.L. Hedrick, A. De Silva, J. Frommer, B. Gotsmann, H. Wolf, M. Despont, U. Duerig, A.W. Knoll
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Matrix effects on the surface plasmon resonance of dry supported gold nanocrystals
C. Kuemin, T. Kraus, H. Wolf, N.D. Spencer
Optics letters 33(8), 806-808, Optical Society of America, 2008


An in situ study of the adsorption behavior of functionalized particles on self-assembled monolayers via different chemical interactions
X.Y. Ling, L. Malaquin, D.N. Reinhoudt, H. Wolf, J. Huskens
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Controlled particle placement through convective and capillary assembly
L. Malaquin, T. Kraus, H. Schmid, E. Delamarche, H. Wolf
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Nanoparticle printing with single-particle resolution
Tobias Kraus, Laurent Malaquin, Heinz Schmid, Walter Riess, Nicholas D Spencer, Heiko Wolf
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High-speed microcontact printing
J.A. Helmuth, H. Schmid, R. Stutz, A. Stemmer, H. Wolf
Journal of the American Chemical Society 128(29), 9296-9297, ACS Publications, 2006


Diffusion of alkanethiols in PDMS and its implications on microcontact printing (μcp)
T.E. Balmer, H. Schmid, R. Stutz, E. Delamarche, B. Michel, N.D. Spencer, H. Wolf
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Printing chemical gradients
T. Kraus, R. Stutz, E. Tobias, H. Schmid, L. Malaquin, N.D. Spencer, H. Wolf
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Closing the Gap Between Self-Assembly and Microsystems Using Self-Assembly, Transfer, and Integration of Particles
T. Kraus, L. Malaquin, E. Delamarche, H. Schmid, N.D. Spencer, H. Wolf
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Thermal stability of SrRuO3 epitaxial layers under forming-gas anneal
D. Halley, C. Rossel, D. Widmer, H. Wolf, S. Gariglio
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High-resolution patterning and transfer of thin PDMS films: fabrication of hybrid self-sealing 3D microfluidic systems
U. Kloter, H. Schmid, H. Wolf, B. Michel, D. Juncker
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Fabrication of metal nanowires using microcontact printing
M. Geissler, H. Wolf, R. Stutz, E. Delamarche, U.W. Grummt, B. Michel, A. Bietsch
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Electroless deposition of NiB on 15 inch glass substrates for the fabrication of transistor gates for liquid crystal displays
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Microcontact printing using poly (dimethylsiloxane) stamps hydrophilized by poly (ethylene oxide) silanes
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Autonomous microfluidic capillary system
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Positive microcontact printing
E. Delamarche, M. Geissler, H. Wolf, B. Michel
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Printing meets lithography: soft approaches to high-resolution patterning
B. Michel, A. Bernard, A. Bietsch, E. Delamarche, M. Geissler, D. Juncker, H. Kind, J.P. Renault, H. Rothuizen, H. Schmid, others
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Printing meets lithography: soft approaches to high-resolution patterning
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Hydrophilic poly (dimethylsiloxane) stamps for microcontact printing
C. Donzel, M. Geissler, A. Bernard, H. Wolf, B. Michel, J. Hilborn, E. Delamarche
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Two-dimensional structure of disulfides and thiols on gold (111)
G. Nelles, H. Schönherr, M. Jaschke, H. Wolf, M. Schaub, J. Küther, W. Tremel, E. Bamberg, H. Ringsdorf, and H. J. Butt
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Photoswitching of Azobenzene Derivatives Formed on Planar and Colloidal Gold Surfaces
S. D. Evans, S. R. Johnson, H. Ringsdorf, L. M. Williams, and H. Wolf
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Structure of alkyl and perfluoroalkyl disulfide and azobenzenethiol monolayers on gold (111) revealed by atomic force microscopy
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Immobilization of antibodies on a photoactive self-assembled monolayer on gold
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End-group-dominated molecular order in self-assembled monolayers
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Structure of Hydrophilic Self-Assembled Monolayers: A Combined Scanning Tunneling Microscopy and Computer Simulation Study
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