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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Method of switching fabric for counteracting a saturation tree occurring in a network with nodes
Mircea Gusat, Marc Verhappen, Cyriel Minkenberg, Jose Dusto
US Patent App. 12/167,580

Methods and System for Highly Ordered Transaction Processing
G B Dantzig, D N Dillenberger, A K Iyengar, F N Parr, G Su


Scalable Link-Level Flow-Control For A Switching Device
Mitch Gusat, Ferdinand Gramsamer, Mark Verhappen, Antonius Engbersen, Ronald P Luijten, Francois G Abel, Cyriel Minkenberg, Jose Duato
US Patent App. 11/840,337


System and method for managing flow of a plurality of packets in a lossless communication network
M Gusat, C J A Minkenberg, W E Denzel, P M Sagmeister, A C Doring, T Schlipf, M Gabrani
US Patent App. 11/536,101

System and method for placing computation inside a network
R B Krishnamurthy, M Gusat, C B Stunkel, W E Denzel, P A Walker
US Patent App. 20,080/147,881


User-aware video display
W. Hirt, M. Gusat, M. Soimu
US Patent App. 11/230,007


Method and arrangement for local sychronization in master-slave distributed communication systems
M Colmant, A Benner, F G Abel, M Poret, N Schumacher, A Blanc, M Verhappen, M Gusat
US Patent App. 10/512,671