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Department Head, Cloud and Computing Infrastructure
IBM Research, Zurich



Software defined just-in-time caching in an enterprise storage system
S Seshadri, PH Muench, L Chiu, I Koltsidas, N Ioannou, R Haas, Y Liu, M Mei, S Blinick
IBM Journal of Research and Development 58(2), 1--13, IBM, 2014

GPFS-based implementation of a hyperconverged system for software defined infrastructure
AC Azagury, R Haas, D Hildebrand, SW Hunter, T Neville, S Oehme, A Shaikh
IBM Journal of Research and Development 58(2), 1--12, IBM, 2014

Efficient and agile storage management in software defined environments
A Alba, G Alatorre, C Bolik, A Corrao, T Clark, S Gopisetty, R Haas, RI Kat, BS Langston, NS Mandagere, others
IBM Journal of Research and Development 58(2), 1--12, IBM, 2014


Scheduling in Flash-Based Solid-State Drives-Performance Modeling and Optimization
Werner Bux, Xiao-Yu Hu, Ilias Iliadis, Robert Haas
Modeling, Analysis \& Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), 2012 IEEE 20th International Symposium on, pp. 459--468

Reliability of Data Storage Systems under Network Rebuild Bandwidth Constraints
V Venkatesan, I Iliadis, R Haas
IEEE 20th International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS) 2012, pp. 189--197

Towards the ASTRON \& IBM Center for ExaScale Technology
Ton Engbersen, Robert Haas, Hanno Holties, Jens Jelitto, Ronald P Luijten, Peter Maat, Rob V van Nieuwpoort, Ronald Nijboer, John W Romein, Bert Jan Offrein
2012 - Citeseer, Citeseer


Disk scrubbing versus intradisk redundancy for RAID storage systems
Ilias Iliadis, Robert Haas, Xiao-Yu Hu, Evangelos Eleftheriou
ACM transactions on storage (TOS) 7(2), 5, ACM, 2011

Container Marking: Combining Data Placement, Garbage Collection and Wear Levelling for Flash
X Y Hu, R Haas, E Evangelos
Modeling, Analysis & Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS), 2011 IEEE 19th International Symposium on, pp. 237--247

Robust data sharing with key-value stores
C Basescu, C Cachin, I Eyal, R Haas, M Vukolic
Research Report RZ3802, 2011

A Comparison of Secure Multi-Tenancy Architectures for Filesystem Storage Clouds
Anil Kurmus, Moitrayee Gupta, Roman Pletka, Christian Cachin, Robert Haas
Middleware, pp. 471-490, Springer, 2011

Subsystem and System-level Implications of PCM
Robert Haas, Xiao-Yu Hu, Ioannis Koltsidas, Roman A Pletka
European\Phase Change and Ovonics Symposium, 2011

OFC: An Optimized Flash Controller for Enterprise Storage Systems
Roman Pletka, Maria Varsamou, Mathias Bjoerkqvist, Theodore Antonakopoulos, Peter Mueller, Robert Haas, Evangelos Eleftheriou
Technical Report RZ 3795 (# Z1101-001), IBM Research Report, RZ3795, 2011

A Web Service-and ForCES-Based Programmable Router Architecture
S Denazis, R Haas, E Haleplidis, O Koufopavlou
IFIP Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) 4388(4388), 108--120, Springer, 2011


Effect of Replica Placement on the Reliability of Large-Scale Data Storage Systems
V Venkatesan, I Iliadis, X Y Hu, R Haas, C Fragouli
IEEE 18th International Symposium on Modeling, Analysis, and Simulation of Computer and Telecommunication Systems (MASCOTS) 2010, pp. 79--88

Trends in storage technologies
E Elefheriou, R Haas, J Jelitto, M Lantz, H Pozidis
IEEE Data Eng. Bull., 33(4), 4-13, IEEE, 2010

Forwarding and Control Element Separation (ForCES) Protocol Specification
R Haas, H Khosravi, W Wang, L Dong, R Gopal, J Halpern
2010 -

Design and implementation of a key-lifecycle management system
M Björkqvist, C Cachin, R Haas, X Y Hu, A Kurmus, R Pawlitzek, M Vukolic
Financial Cryptography and Data Security, 160--174, Springer, 2010

Dependable storage in the Intercloud
C Cachin, R Haas, M Vukolic
Research Report RZ3783, 2010


Communication systems, networks and digital signal processing
IET circuits, devices \& systems 2(1), 60--68, Institution of Engineering and Technology, 2008

Towards a resource management and service deployment framework
C Chrysoulas, E Haleplidis, G Kostopoulos, R Haas, O Koufopavlou
International Journal of Network Management 18(4), 345--363, Wiley Online Library, 2008

Disk scrubbing versus intra-disk redundancy for high-reliability raid storage systems
I Iliadis, R Haas, X Y Hu, E Eleftheriou
ACM SIGMETRICS Performance Evaluation Review, pp. 241--252, 2008


A decision making framework for dynamic service deployment
C Chrysoulas, G Kostopoulos, E Haleplidis, R Haas, S Denazis, O Koufopavlou
Proc, 2006


A Web-Services Based Architecture for Dynamic-Service Deployment
C Chrysoulas, E Haleplidis, R Haas, S Denazis, O Koufopavlou
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Applying a Web-Service-Based Model to Dynamic Service-Deployment
C Chrysoulas, E Haleplidis, R Haas, S Denazis, O Koyfopavlou
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Usability Engineering in der E-collaboration: Ein managementorientierter Ansatz f{\"u}r virtuelle Teams
R Haas
2004 - Duv, Duv

FlexiNET: flexible network architecture for enhanced access network services and applications
R Lopez-aladros, D K Christoforos, S Tombros, G K Spyros, J Soler, R Haas, C Dessiniotis, others
Journal of the Communication Network, January-March, 2004

Chordless paths through three vertices
R Haas, M Hoffmann
Parameterized and Exact Computation 351(3), 25--36, Springer, 2004


Creating advanced functions on network processors: Experience and perspectives
R. Haas, L. Kencl, A. Kind, B. Metzler, R. Pletka, M. Waldvogel, L. Freléchoux, P. Droz, C. Jeffries
Network, IEEE 17(4), 46-54, 2003

Autonomic service deployment in networks
R. Haas, P. Droz, B. Stiller
IBM Systems Journal 42(1), 150--164, IBM, 2003


Cost-and quality-of-service-aware network-service deployment
R. Haas, P. Droz, B. Stiller
2001 - Citeseer, Citeseer

Design and implementation of a distributed-agent-based simulation for hierarchical servicedeployment
A Kumar, R Haas
Technical Report, 2001

A hierarchical mechanism for the scalable deployment of services over large programmable and heterogeneous networks
R. Haas, P. Droz, B. Stiller
Communications, 2001. ICC 2001. IEEE International Conference on, pp. 2074--2078


Everything over IP, IP over Everything
B Stiller, R Haas, R Marty
2000 -

Performance comparison between a PC-Linux cluster and a IBM SP2 for ARPS simulations
R Haas, T Ambrizzi, AJ Pereira Filho
1stBrazilian Meeting on Atmospheric Modeling, XI CBMET, Rio de Janeiro, 2000

A new Buffer Management Scheme for IP Differentiated
R Pletka, P Droz, R Haas
IBM Research Report RZ 3216 (# 93262) 03/13/00, Citeseer, 2000

PNNI augmented routing (PAR) and Proxy-Par
R Haas, P Droz, D Bauer
Computer Networks 34(3), 399-418, Elsevier, 2000

WANTED: a theft-deterrent solution for the pervasive computing world
P. Droz, C. Gulcu, R. Haas
Computer Communications and Networks, 2000. Proceedings. Ninth International Conference on, pp. 374--379

Topology optimization of IP over ATM
L. Frelechoux, M. Osborne, R. Haas
Universal Multiservice Networks, 2000. ECUMN 2000. 1st European Conference on, pp. 122--131


Design and implementation of a QoS capable switch-router
Erol Basturk, Alexander Birman, Gary Delp, Roch Guerin, R Haas, Sanjay Kamat, Dilip Kandlur, Ping Pan, Dimitrios Pendarakis, Vinod Peris, others
Computer Networks 31(1), 19--32, Elsevier, 1999


Using IP anycast for load distribution and server location
R Engel, V Peris, D Saha, E Basturk, R Haas
Proceedings of Global Internet, 1998


Using network layer anycast for load distribution in the Internet Techical Report
E Basturk, R Engel, R Haas, D Kandlur, V Peris, D Saha
IBM TJ Watson Research Center, 1997

Cost-effectiveness-based priority programming of standardized pavement maintenance
N Li, M Huot, R Haas
Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board 1592(-1), 8--16, Trans Res Board, 1997

Using network layer anycast for load distribution in the Internet
Erol Basturk, Robert Engel, R Haas, Vinod Peris Debanjan Saha
IBM Research Report, Citeseer, 1997

Year Unknown

PNNI Augmented Routing (PAR) and Proxy-PAR
R Haas, P Droz, D Bauer
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Using Network Layer Anycast for Load Distribution in the Internet
E Basturk, R Engel, R Haas, D Kandlur, V Peris, D Saha
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