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Manager, Quantum Applications Research & Software
IBM Quantum, IBM Research Europe - Zurich



Well-conditioned multi-product formulas for hardware-friendly Hamiltonian simulation
Almudena Carrera Vazquez, Daniel J. Egger, David Ochsner, Stefan Woerner
arXiv:2207.11268, 2022

Variational quantum algorithm for unconstrained black box binary optimization: Application to feature selection
Christa Zoufal, Ryan V. Mishmash, Nitin Sharma, Niraj Kumar, Aashish Sheshadri, Amol Deshmukh, Noelle Ibrahim, Julien Gacon, Stefan Woerner
arXiv:2205.03045, 2022

The complexity of quantum support vector machines
Gian Gentinetta, Arne Thomsen, David Sutter, Stefan Woerner
arXiv:2203.00031, 2022

Scaling of the quantum approximate optimization algorithm on superconducting qubit based hardware
Johannes Weidenfeller, Lucia C. Valor, Julien Gacon, Caroline Tornow, Luciano Bello, Stefan Woerner, Daniel J. Egger
arXiv:2202.03459, 2022

Bonus or Penalty? Designing Service-Level Agreements for a Decentralized Supply Chain: The Implication of Return on Investment
Stefan Woerner, Stephan M. Wagner, Yueshan Chu, Marco Laumanns
IEEE Transactions on Engineering Management, 2022

Towards Quantum Advantage in Financial Market Risk using Quantum Gradient Algorithms
Nikitas Stamatopoulos, Guglielmo Mazzola, Stefan Woerner, William J. Zeng
Quantum6, 770, 2022

A variational quantum algorithm for the Feynman-Kac formula
Hedayat Alghassi, Amol Deshmukh, Noelle Ibrahim, Nicolas Robles, Stefan Woerner, Christa Zoufal
Quantum6, 730, 2022

Quasiprobability decompositions with reduced sampling overhead
Christophe Piveteau, David Sutter, Stefan Woerner
npj Quantum Information 8(12), 2022

Enhancing the Quantum Linear Systems Algorithm using Richardson Extrapolation
Almudena Carrera Vazquez, Ralf Hiptmair, Stefan Woerner
ACM Transactions on Quantum Computing 3(1), 2022

Exact and Practical Pattern Matching for Quantum Circuit Optimization
Raban Iten, Romain Moyard, Tony Metger, David Sutter, Stefan Woerner
ACM Transactions on Quantum Computing 3(1), 2022


Effective dimension of machine learning models
Amira Abbas, David Sutter, Alessio Figalli, Stefan Woerner
arXiv:2112.04807, 2021

Error Bounds for Variational Quantum Time Evolution
Christa Zoufal, David Sutter, Stefan Woerner
arXiv:2108.00022, 2021

Simultaneous Perturbation Stochastic Approximation of the Quantum Fisher Information
Julien Gacon, Christa Zoufal, Giuseppe Carleo, Stefan Woerner
Quantum5, 567, 2021

A Threshold for Quantum Advantage in Derivative Pricing
Shouvanik Chakrabarti, Rajiv Krishnakumar, Guglielmo Mazzola, Nikitas Stamatopoulos, Stefan Woerner, William J. Zeng
Quantum5, 463, 2021

The power of quantum neural networks
Amira Abbas, David Sutter, Christa Zoufal, Aurelien Lucchi, Alessio Figalli, Stefan Woerner
Nature Computational Science1, 2021

Warm-starting quantum optimization
Daniel J. Egger, Jakub Marecek, Stefan Woerner
Quantum5, 479, 2021

Quantum algorithm for alchemical optimization in material design
Panagiotis Kl. Barkoutsos, Fotios Gkritsis, Pauline J. Ollitrault, Igor O. Sokolov, Stefan Woerner, Ivano Tavernelli
Chemical Science, The Royal Society of Chemistry, 2021

Variational Quantum Boltzmann Machines
Christa Zoufal, Aurelien Lucchi, Stefan Woerner
Quantum Machine Intelligence 3(7), 2021

Efficient State Preparation for Quantum Amplitude Estimation
Almudena Carrera Vazquez, Stefan Woerner
Physical Review Applied 15(3), 2021

Iterative Quantum Amplitude Estimation
Dmitry Grinko, Julien Gacon, Christa Zoufal, Stefan Woerner
npj Quantum Information 7(52), 2021

Grover Adaptive Search for Constrained Polynomial Binary Optimization
Austin Gilliam, Stefan Woerner, Constantin Gonciulea
Quantum5, 428, 2021

Quantum Algorithms for Mixed Binary Optimization applied to Transaction Settlement
Lee Braine, Daniel J. Egger, Jennifer Glick, Stefan Woerner
IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering, 2021

Resource-Efficient Quantum Algorithm for Protein Folding
Anton Robert, Panagiotis Kl. Barkoutsos, Stefan Woerner, Ivano Tavernelli
npj Quantum Information 7(38), 2021

Application of Quantum Machine Learning using the Quantum Kernel Algorithm on High Energy Physics Analysis at the LHC
Sau Lan Wu, Shaojun Sun, Wen Guan, Chen Zhou, Jay Chan, Chi Lung Cheng, Tuan Pham, Yan Qian, Alex Zeng Wang, Rui Zhang, Miron Livny, Jennifer Glick, Panagiotis Kl. Barkoutsos, Stefan Woerner, Ivano Tavernelli, Federico Carminati, Alberto Di Meglio, Andy C. Y. Li, Joseph Lykken, Panagiotis Spentzouris, Samuel Yen-Chi Chen, Shinjae Yoo, Tzu-Chieh Wei
Phys. Rev. Rersearch 3(3), 2021


Quantum computing for Finance: state of the art and future prospects
Daniel J. Egger, Claudio Gambella, Jakub Marecek, Scott McFaddin, Martin Mevissen, Rudy Raymond, Andrea Simonetto, Stefan Woerner, Elena Yndurain
IEEE Transactions on Quantum Engineering, 2020

Quantum-Enhanced Simulation-Based Optimization
Julien Gacon, Christa Zoufal, Stefan Woerner
IEEE International Conference on Quantum Computing and Engineering, 2020

Quantum equation of motion for computing molecular excitation energies on a noisy quantum processor
Pauline J Ollitrault, Abhinav Kandala, Chun-Fu Chen, Panagiotis Kl Barkoutsos, Antonio Mezzacapo, Marco Pistoia, Sarah Sheldon, Stefan Woerner, Jay Gambetta, Ivano Tavernelli
Physical Review Research2, 2020

Improving Variational Quantum Optimization using CVaR
Panagiotis Kl. Barkoutsos, Giacomo Nannicini, Anton Robert, Ivano Tavernelli, Stefan Woerner
Quantum4, 256, 2020

Credit Risk Analysis using Quantum Computers
Daniel J. Egger, Ricardo Gacia Gutierrez, Jordi Cahue Mestre, Stefan Woerner
IEEE Transactions on Computers, 2020

Option Pricing using Quantum Computers
Nikitas Stamatopoulos, Daniel J. Egger, Yue Sun, Christa Zoufal, Raban Iten, Ning Shen, Stefan Woerner
Quantum4, 291, 2020


Gate-efficient simulation of molecular eigenstates on a quantum computer
M. Ganzhorn, D.J. Egger, P. Barkoutsos, P. Ollitrault, G. Salis, N. Moll, M. Roth, A. Fuhrer, P. Mueller, S. Woerner, I. Tavernelli, S. Filipp
Phys. Rev. Applied 11, 044092, 2019

Quantum Generative Adversarial Networks for Learning and Loading Random Distributions
Christa Zoufal, Aurelien Lucchi, Stefan Woerner
npj Quantum Information 5(103), 2019

Quantum Risk Analysis
Stefan Woerner, Daniel J. Egger
npj Quantum Information 5(15), 2019


Unlocking the Potential of Flexible Energy Resources to Help Balance the Power Grid
Fabian L. Mueller, Stefan Woerner, John Lygeros
IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, 2018

CellCycleTRACER accounts for cell cycle and volume in mass cytometry data
Maria Anna Rapsomaniki, Xiao-Kang Lun, Stefan Woerner, Marco Laumanns, Bernd Bodenmiller, María Rodríguez-Martínez
Nature Communications9, 2018


Multi-echelon Supply Chain Optimization: Methods and Application Examples
Marco Laumanns, Stefan Woerner
Optimization and Decision Support Systems for Supply Chains, pp. 131-138, 2017

Joint optimisation of capacity and safety stock allocation
Stefan Woerner, Marco Laumanns, Stephan M. Wagner
International Journal of Production Research, Taylor & Francis, 2017



Approximate dynamic programming for stochastic linear control problems on compact state spaces
Stefan Woerner, Marco Laumanns, Rico Zenklusen, Apostolos Fertis
European Journal of Operational Research 241(1), 85-98, Elsevier, 2015


Reorder Point Optimization For Assembly Systems
Stefan Woerner, Marco Laumanns
MSOM Conference, 2012


The periodic service intention as a conceptual framework for generating timetables with partial periodicity
G Caimi, M Laumanns, K Schuepbach, S Woerner, M Fuchsberger
Transportation Planning and Technology 34(4), 323-339, Taylor \& Francis, 2011


Approximate parametric dynamic programing in inventory management
S. Woerner, M. Laumanns, E. Pratsini, A. Fertis, R. Zenklusen
MSOM Conference, 2010