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Research staff
Brazil Research Lab, Brazil


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  ACM  |  Design Research Society

Volunteers activities


RESEARCH SCIENTIST - ACM SIGCHI Volunteer Development Committee - https://sigchi.org/people/committees/

PROJECT LEAD - TEACHING AI IN MUSEUMS - Catavento Museum, IBM Research, IBM Corporate Citizenship.


SBC IHC STEERING COMMITTEE - https://www.sbc.org.br/14-comissoes/390-interacao-humano-computador


Session chair


CHI2020 - ACM SIGCHI LAIHC 2020 - Co-chair session - Technology and Participatory Design.

CUI2020. Session 02: Multi-party and user communities.

Co-organizing session chair - Session at DUX/ HCII 2020 "Design and UX for AI systems" with Juliana Jensen.



H. Candello. Session chair CHI2019. "The one with bots".


Organizing and Program chair


PAPER CHAIR   - Benjamin Cowan (University College Dublin), Heloisa Candello (IBM Research Brasil), Jennifer Pearson (Swansea University) . CUI 2020. Conversational User Interfaces. https://cui2020.com/organising_committee/

WORKSHOP ORGANIZING CHAIR - Fates 2020 2nd Workshop on Fairness, Accountability, Transparency, Ethics and Society on the Web - WWW- http://fates.isti.cnr.it/

WORKSHOP ORGANIZING CHAIR- CHI2020 - - CUI@CHI: Mapping Grand Challenges for the Conversational User Interface Community - http://www.speechinteraction.org/CHI2020/organisers.html

WORKSHOP ORGANIZING CHAIR - IUI 2020 - Conversational User Interfaces: A Workshop on New Theoretical and Methodological Perspectives for Researching Speech-based Conversational Interactions. http://www.speech-interaction.org/IUI2020

Industry chair - IHC2020 - Brazilian Symposium on Human Factors in Computing Systems

ORGANIZING CHAIR - Session at DUX/ HCII 2020 “Design and UX for AI systems” with Juliana Jensen http://2019.hci.international/monday




ORGANIZING CHAIR -  ACM SIGCHI International Summer School in Research Methods for HCI/CSCW https://brazilrms.wordpress.com/

ORGANIZING CHAIR - Session at DUX/ HCII 2019 “Design and UX for AI systems” with Juliana Jensen http://2019.hci.international/monday



WORKSHOP ORGANIZING CHAIR -Stuart Reeves, Martin Porcheron, Joel E. Fischer, Heloisa Candello, Donald McMillan, Moira McGregor, Robert J. Moore et. al. Voice-based Conversational UX Studies and Design.  2018 CHI Conference on Human Factors in Computing Systems, ACM.

TECHNICAL PROGRAM COMMITTEE   - Heloisa Candello and Raquel Prates . IHC 2018. XVII Simpósio Brasileiro sobre Fatores Humanos em Sistemas Computacionais. http://www.ihc2018.ufpa.br/

ORGANIZING CHAIR - Session at DUX/ HCII 2018 “Information Design studies” with Carla Spinillo



WORKSHOP ORGANIZING CHAIR - Talking with conversational agents in collaborative action
Porcheron, Martin and Fischer, Joel E and McGregor, Moira and Brown, Barry and Luger, Ewa and Candello, Heloisa and O'Hara, Kenton
Companion of the 2017 ACM CSCW - Conference on Computer Supported Cooperative Work and Social Computing, pp. 431--436


Program Committee

CHI2021 - 1AC - Understanding people subcommittee

CSCW 2020 - reviewer - Full-paper reviewer

IDC2020 - reviewer - Working in process

CHI2020 LBW - reviewer

CACM2020 - reviewer

NordCHI2020 - reviewer

CUI 2020 - 1AC and paper co-chair

FATES2020- WWW- Program Committee

IHC2020 - 1AC

CHI 2020  Papers– 1AC – Understanding people subcommittee

Group2020 Papers– 2AC

Internet Forum Brazil - Workshop proposals - reviewer

SBC CTD 2020 (Thesis and Dissertations) - reviewer

Journal SBC 2020- reviewer


DIS2019 Papers– 1AC/2AC - Experiences, Artifacts, and Technology subcommittee

CHI2019 Papers – reviewer

CHI 2019 Late Breaking Work -– reviewer

IHC2019 Papers – AC reviewer

CUI2019 Papers – AC reviewer

CHI 2018 Papers - reviewer

CSCW 2018 Online First Papers - reviewer

CSCW 2018 Second Cycle - reviewer

IDC 2018 Papers & Notes

IDJ2018 Papers - reviewer

IJHC2018 - Papers reviewer

Infodesign 2018 Papers - AC reviewer

ILA 2018 Papers - AC reviewer

IHC2018 Papers - Technical Program and Paper chair

CHI 2017 Case Studies - reviewer

CHI 2017 Late-Breaking Work - reviewer

CHI 2017 Papers and Notes - reviewer

CHI 2017 Workshops - reviewer

DIS 2017 Papers and Notes - reviewer

Mobile HCI 2017 Papers Program - reviewer

CHI 2015 Case Studies - reviewer

CHI 2015 Papers and Notes - reviewer

EPIC 2015 Papers - reviewer

IASDR 2015 Papers - reviewer

IASDR 2015 Posters - reviewer

IUI 2015 Long and Short Papers - reviewer

CIDI2015 Papers- reviewer

CHI 2014 Papers and Notes - reviewer

CSCW 2014 Posters - reviewer

DIS 2014 Long and Short Papers - reviewer

Multiscreen 2013 – 1AC

HCI 2008 Second Call - reviewer