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Software Engineer
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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  • RPE-004: The Needles in the Haystack

Feb 2019


Received 3rd place in a team representing IBM for the DreamPort competition, which involved developing a solution that could ingest packet capture data, process the data, and automatically categorize/identify hosts based on importance, in addition to visualizing the assets on a network map.


  • 1st Place in IBM BlueHack Competition (IoT + TJBot Category)

Jul 2017


Awarded top prize in the IoT + TJBot category for IBM's first virtual Hackathon, which consisted of 77 teams across 20 different IBM sites across the US competing in 4 different categories. Project involved using the TJBot to interpret the manual alphabet (American Sign Language) in order to build a bridge of communication between those who understand ASL and those who do not.


  • Outstanding Graduate Award in Information Technology

May 2016 honor issuer Florida International University

In recognition of academic achievement and exemplary service to the department, FIU, and the community while pursuing her Bachelor of Science in Information Technology


  • Top Graduate in Florida International University's College of Engineering and Computing

May 2016

Graduated with highest GPA in the College of Engineering and Computing for spring commencement (3.95).


  • Featured in Florida International University's State of the University

Apr 2016

Featured in FIU President Rosenberg's State of the University presentation for academic achievements.


  • Benjamin A. Gilman Study Abroad Scholarship

Apr 2014

Institute of International Education (IIE)


  • Fund for Education Abroad Scholarship

Mar 2014

Fund for Education Abroad


  • Women Who Lead Ambassador

Mar 2015

Florida International University


  • FIU Office of Study Abroad Scholarship

May 2014 honor

Florida International University


  • Fu Foundation Scholarship

May 2014

Florida International University