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Senior Research Engineer and IBM Master Inventor


Supply Chain related inventions

  • P202000694: Conflict resolution in design process using virtual agents.
  • P201911967US01: Assortment planning computer algorithm.
  • P201900491: Demand sensing for product/design introductions
  • P201902198: Localizing fashion designs
  • P201903842: Identifying temporal trend disconnects in a fashion catalog
  • 95245684: Easing data scientist experience in hyperlocal data deployed workbench IDE
  • 95272525: Predicting halting points for pop up mobile trucks based on user flow in city routes
  • P201902090: Discovering competitive data-sources for auction enablement in Workbench IDE



Mobile Devops related inventions

  • US 9582264: Application rating prediction for defect resolution to optimize functionality of a computing device

Mobile Security related inventions


Mobile/Wearable Apps related inventions

  • US 9877058: Presenting personalized advertisements on smart glasses in a movie theater based on emotion of a viewer

Education related inventions


IoT and AR/VR related inventions


Other inventions