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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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These are some of the tracks that I run in the various cities that I have lived in so far:

Santa Barbara

  • Cliff House For a lazy day. Simple, flat run up to 4 miles. 2 miles on El Colegio road and rest on the bluffs. Can add more miles around the Devereux lagoon. Mostly dirt track
  • Ellwood bluffs About 4 miles on road to get to Ellwood bluffs. I did about 2-3 miles in the bluffs, but the loop can be made longer or shorter. Scenic track along the cliffs. Mostly flat, with some slight inclination at the bluffs. Instead of tracing back from Ellwood, running along the cliffs will take you to Cliff house at Goleta beach, which is a nice change to the route.
  • Cathedral Oaks 12-13 mile loop. Can be made longer on Cathedral Oaks. A little inclination in the 3rd mile, but rest is flat. Parks and schools on cathedral oaks for water stops. Very scenic with ranches and orange groves.

San Jose

SJ Parks is a great resource for running trails in the bay.

  • Los Gatos Trail 10 mile trail that begins at the Lexington Reservoir and runs along the Los Gatos creek. Mix of dirt path and asphalt. Mostly flat. Water fountains along the way and plenty of bbq's in summer.


  • Sammamish River Trail A lovely run! I did most of my running in Redmond here. Much of the track runs by the Sammamish river and in season, we could stop and pick the blackberries and blueberries :-). The entire track runs for 10.5 miles and there is usually a lot of people walking/running/cycling. Very flat.
  • Bridle Trails Starts at the Bellevue golf course and goes around the Bridle Trails state park. These are mostly roads, although there are trails in side the park. Passes along farm houses and stables" (7-8 miles loop). Moderately hilly.


  • Shinley Park - Frick Park - Shinley Park I do variations of this route on most days. There are two hills, one at Shinley park and the other at Squirrel hill. Path is a mixture of city roads(Forbes) and park roads. Concrete and Asphalt.(7-8 miles loop)