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Lead Researcher - Master Inventor - Language & Retrieval
IBM Research AI


Workshop (Co)Organizer:

  • RecSys'2016 Workshop on Deep Learning for Recommender Systems (DLRS)
  • KDD'2014 2nd Int. workshop on Multimodal Crowd Sensing (CrowdSens'2014)
  • CIKM'2012 1st Int. workshop on Multimodal Crowd Sensing (CrowdSens'2012)
  • SIGIR'2012 joint international workshop on Entity-Oriented and Semantic Search (JIWES'2012)
  • CIKM'2011 workshop on Search & Mining Entity-Relationship Data (SMER'11)

Tutorial (Co)Organizer:

  • WWW'2018 - Complex Recommendations 

Session chair:

  • WWW'2018 - Web Search and Mining
  • ICTIR'2017- Interactive and session search

Conference PC member:

WSDM'2018-19, WWW'2016, 2018-19, SIGIR 2010-19, CIKM' 2012-13,2015,2017-18, RecSys' 2012-13,2017-18, Hypertext'2013,2017-18, IJCAI'2016,2019, ESWC'2015-16, ICHI'2012-14, I-KNOW'2013-15

Workshop PC member:

ComplexRec'2018 (@RecSys) SAPS'2018 (@ECIR), SoMePeAS 2017, MSM/MUSE'2013-15,2019, SocialObjects'2011

Invited Journal reviewer:

SNAM 2011-12, 2014, Distributed and Parallel DBs Jr. 2012, ACM TIST 2012, IEEE TKDE 2012, Journal of Web Semantics 2012, ACM TIIS 2012, ACM TMIS 2012, IR Journal 2013, ACM TOIS 2013

External reviewer:

AAMAS 2004, ICWS 2004, SIGMOD 2004, ODBASE2004, CIKM 2006,2008-10, CoopIS 2006, SIGIR 2007-09, ICDE 2007-08, JCDL 2008, VLDB 2008, ACM TWEB 2008, WWW2009, ACM TIST 2010


  • 2018: Best Paper Award for "An Extended Query Performance Prediction Framework Utilizing Passage-Level Information", ACM SIGIR International Conference on the Theory of Information Retrieval (ICTIR)
  • 2018: IBM outstanding technical achievement award (OIA/OTAA) for "Contributions to Core Information Retrieval Research"
  • 2016: IBM Master Inventor (renewed)
  • 2016: IBM outstanding technical achievement award (OTAA) for "Contributions to Superior Methods of User Profiling and Social Media Analysis"
  • 2012: IBM research division award (RDA) for "Research contributions to ICM for Healthcare"
  • 2010: IBM research division award for (RDA) "Estimating Query Difficulty for Information Retrieval"
  • 2008: IBM research division award for (RDA) "ITD: Service Delivery Portal (SDP)"
  • 2013: IBM Master Inventor
  • 2009-2019: IBM 1st-15th plateau awards
  • 2004: Miriam and Aaron Gutwirth scholarship award
  • 2004: Technion Outstanding Teaching Assistant award
  • 2000-2004: Technion - IE faculty dean list


  • (University of Haifa) 2014 - to date: Adjunct Lecturer, The Department of Computer Science. Courses taught: Web programming, Seminar on Advanced Internet Technologies, Seminar on Cognitive Computing Technologies, Databases, Information Retrieval
  • (Technion) 2007-2010: Adjunct Lecturer, faculty of industrial and management engineering. Courses taught: Database management systems.
  • (Technion) 2003-2006: Teaching Assistant (in charge), faculty of industrial and management engineering. Courses: Database managementsystems, Distributed Databases, Advanced Topics in Information Systems.
  • (Haifa University) 2007: Teaching Assistant (in charge), departmentof computer science. Course: Information Retrieval.

Invited Talks:

  • "Maintaining Dynamic Channel Pro files on the Web" - Information Systems Seminar, Industrial Engineering faculty, Technion-Israel Institute ofTechnology, August 5, 2008.
  • "Social Media and User Generated Content Analysis @IBM" - Industrialpanel, Search and Mining User generated Content Workshop (SMUC'10),October 30, 2010.
  • "Harness Social Sensors - Challenges and Applications", Bar-Ilan Business School seminar,January 7, 2014.
  • "Modeling the Uniqueness of the User Preferences for Recommendation Systems", Microsoft (ReCon) Recommendations Technology Conference ,April 29, 2014.
  • "IBM Customer Analyst", Final conference, November 5, 2014
  • "From Diversity-based Prediction to Better Ontology and Schema Matching", Data Mining for Business Intelligence Conference, BGU, Israel, May 19, 2016. (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eVbXznPX8uw)
  • "The Framework of Everything" (Yet Another Unified Framework for Post-Retrieval Query Performance Prediction), Information Retrieval seminar, Technion-Israel Institute ofTechnology, May 21, 2018.