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Intrapreneur | Scientist | Inventor | AI MedTech Evangelist
Manager Brain-Inspired Computing Research, Research Staff Member, IBM Master Inventor, Member IBM Academy of Technology


Adjunct Professor, University of Technology Sydney (UTS), 2018

Member elect IBM Academy of Technology (IBM), 2018

IBM Master Inventor (IBM), 2017

Australian Research Council Grant co-received as Investigator of Award “Training Center in Cognitive Computing for Medical Technologies” (ARC), 2017

Senior Member elect (IEEE), 2015

Listed in the 2014 IBM Outstanding Technical Recognition Honour Book (IBM), 2014

Listed in the 2013 IBM Outstanding Technical Recognition Honour Book (IBM), 2013

Australian Research Council Grant co-received as Investigator of Award “He and Neon Ion Microscope for Sub-nm Imaging and Fabrication” (ARC), 2012

Honorary Principal Research Fellowship, Department of Electrical and Electronic Engineering, The University of Melbourne, Australia), 2012

National Human Genome Research Institute Grant received as Investigator of Award “Nanopore-based Electrical Device for DNA Sequencing” (NHGRI), 2010

IBM T. J. Watson Research Center 1st Semiconductor Technology Symposium (IBM STS 2009): Most Innovative Paper Award (IBM & IEEE), 2009

IBM & Partners PreT0 Conference on Nanotechnology Research & Development: Best Poster Presentation Award (IBM), 2009

Presidential Science and Engineering Research Fellowship (Technische Universitaet Muenchen), 2007

6th IEEE International Conference on Nanotechnology (IEEE-Nano-2006): Best Student Paper Award (IEEE Nanotechnology Council), 2006

Bund der Freunde der Technischen Universitaet Muenchen Research Scholarship, 2005

Karl Chang Innovation Fund Research Grant (Massachusetts Institute of Technology), 2005 Fellowship (McKinsey & Company Inc. et. al.), 2003

Research Fellowship (The University of California, Berkeley, CA, USA) 2002

Center for Digital Technology & Management (Elite Network of Bavaria) Research Scholarship, 2002