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Research Statistician
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


1. 1981 D.Sc. Research Thesis "Modeling and Analyzing Breakdown Phenomena in Insulators - a Stochastic Approach." Brief description: This thesis shows how certain lifetime distributions, such as Weibull or Gumbel, follow naturally from the Extreme Value Theory, when the latter is used in conjunction with weakest link models. It derives tail properties of lifetime distributions driven by several types of stochastic processes. It also gives a Tauberian theorem that enables one to derive the tail properties of distributions based on the tail properties of its Laplace transform. It also develops an approach to identification of mechanisms driving dielectric breakdown in several types of thin films under various experimental conditions
Abstract Cover_through_Table_of_Contents Complete thesis (zipped)

2. Data for the IRPS-2012 paper “Min-Log Approach to Modeling Dielectric Breakdown Data” Download