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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


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Current activities

Determining how to apply cognitive technologies to real-world problems.

Previously within IBM

  • I've been working on projects in the electronic ID space (electronic passports, driving licenses, etc.) mostly within GBS consulting engagements.
  • JavaCard: I've been creating and bringing into the market a piece of technology called JCOP (JavaCard OpenPlatform). Sense of this until we handed it over to SWG for further marketing/development: An 8 digit number of JCOP-enabled cards sold by IBM business partners, 7-digit $ profits, many new IBM customers acquired, some nice awards :-)
  • I developed a new secure software update mechanism, called UpdateLite. Another transfer to IBM SWG, another award.
  • I've been working on the OpenCard project. In particular, the driver components (e.g., for the IBM MFC 4.0 SmartCard) was the part provided by me (aka. CardAgent). In hindsight, it was a neat start into the intricacies of smart cards. Technologically, it's been transferred to IBM's Software Group (Pervasive Computing).