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Research Scientist - machine learning, data mining
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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I love playing and watching sports. I love playing Chess, Badminton, Cricket, Tennis, Table Tennis, Squash and most card games. I also swim frequently. I like to trek, hike, cycle, bowl. I also enjoy adventure sports such as white water rafting, jet skying, skydiving (this is expensive though :)). I am more or less up for anything that sounds fun.


I am not much of a reader (which my mom is not too happy about) but I love to think about anything that intrigues me (this includes thinking about things I see everyday).


I love to dance but lets just say am not particularly elegant to watch. However, this makes my dancing "inspirational" since it makes people less conscious about themselves as I am without exception the lower bound.


I like to travel as it exposes me to varied experiences. Besides the US and India, I have lived in UK for a year, visited Germany, France, Belgium, Holland and some other European countries. I have been to Amaan (in the Middle East) where the star attraction was the Dead Sea. It was amazing to see people sleeping in the middle of the sea (since density of water is that high).


I also like to act in plays. I used to be involved in this when I was in school where I attended an acting summer camp by Sudha Karmarkar (a famous Marathi actress).