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Principal researcher. Technical lead, Serverless Computing.
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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MIT IAP 2007 - 6.189: Multicore Programming Primer

This course was a brand new 2007 class offering open to all MIT students (undergraduates and graduates). I co-taught the course with Prof. Saman Amarashinghe. The course ran from January 8 to February 2, and covered 18 lectures including some guest speakers. In this course students spent several weeks learning about new multicore architectures and parallel programming patterns. As a practical twist to the course, student learned to program Cell processor using Sony PlayStation 3 consoles. The course culminated in an exciting competition, and prizes were awarded to the best projects. The course was a lot of fun to organize and teach, and it received a lot of publicity.

The course is available online as part of MIT Open Courseware.