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Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA
  +1dash914dash945dash1298, Fax: +1dash914dash945dash3434


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Code related to the Volume algorithm can be found at the COIN-OR project.


  • F. Barahona, R. Anbil, ``The Volume Algorithm: producing primal solutions with a subgradient algorithm,'' Mathematical Programming, 87 (2000) 385-399.
  • F. Barahona, R. Anbil, ``On some difficult linear programs coming from set partitionning,'' Discrete Applied Mathematics 118 (2002) 3-11.
  • F. Barahona, F. Chudak, ``Near-Optimal Solutions to Large Scale Facility Location Problems,'' Discrete Optimization 2 (2005) 35-50.