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Zurich Research Laboratory, Zurich, Switzerland


Technical Writing Workshop

A Hit Parade of Grammatical and Stylistic Errors

Course description

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An important goal of scientific research is publication, which means that technical writing is an integral part of a scientist's profession. Poor writing can—and often does—prevent or delay the publication of good science.

Based on the "Top Ten" most common errors, this hands-on workshop will ask participants to examine and improve typical text excerpts from actual scientific manuscripts.

The workshop is aimed at proficiency-level writers of technical English. Class size is limited to 25 participants to ensure an interactive workshop situation.

The workshop is given by Lilli-Marie Pavka, a native English speaker, experienced copyeditor of scientific and technical manuscripts, instructor of Cambridge business English courses and Webmaster at the IBM Research – Zurich Laboratory. She has improved countless scientific papers for her IBM colleagues and gives this workshop IBM-internally twice a year.

She also gives the workshop periodically by invitation of the IEEE Swiss Section and offers tailored in-house technical writing workshops at other institutions.

Topics include

· How to shorten and simplify your sentences
· Which vs. that
· Wordiness, redundancies, ambiguities, parsing, syntax

and many more.

Participant feedback

"Compact and very useful."
"Excellent examples! Extremely practical and helpful."
"Very good workshop. Well worth taking."
"I finally understand the difference between 'which' and 'that'."
"Thanks for your efforts! I appreciated the course a lot and learned a lot!"
"This course should be mandatory for scientists."
"As a journal editor, I wish every author could take this workshop. That would make my life easier and get their papers published much faster."
"I liked the before/after worksheet format. This will be handy for future reference."
"I'll recommend the workshop to the rest of my group. (I hope you give it again)."
"Should be required for all new scientific employees!"
"The level was a little too high for me, but I still learned a lot. I hope I can apply it to my next paper."
"The workshop is very dense but manageable in just 3 hours. I wouldn't have had time to attend a longer course anyway."
"I know much less than I thought. Thanks!"