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Senior Research Scientist
IBM Research - Zurich


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Professional Associations:  ETH Alumni  |  Gesellschaft Deutscher Chemiker (GDCh)  |  IEEE   |  International Society of Electrochemistry  |  Swiss Physical Society

The objective of HyperTaste is to develop an end-to-end solution for rapid and mobile fingerprinting of complex liquids using AI-assisted combinatorial electrochemical sensing. It provides a data-driven framework for users to train a sensor array for swift and automated analysis of liquids even outside of a laboratory setting. Read more about this research here. The project is part of the IBM Research Frontiers Institute.


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IBM Hypertaste: An AI-assisted e-tongue for fast and portable fingerprinting of complex liquids


Left: HyperTaste "Citrus" sensor clipped on glass containing a liquid sample.
Right: HyperTaste app displaying a network graph relating test data to training data.


HyperTaste team in June 2019.