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Master Inventor; Cloud Computing
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  ACM Distinguished Speaker   |  Fellow, IEEE  |  IEEE   |  IEEE Computer Society  |  IFIP WG 10.3

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More information:  Career Workshop for Women and Minorities in Computer Architecture

Dr.  Valentina Salapura is passionate about mentoring and promoting the participation of women and under-represented minorities in technical disciplines.  

She is the founder and co-chair of the Career Workshop for Women and Minorities in Computer Architecture series to bring together women and under-represented minorities at different levels in academia, industry, research, government and students to promote the recruitment, retention and progression of women and under-represented groups with research interests in computer architecture, and provide career advice and mentoring.  


At CWWMCA - Career Workshop for Women and Minorities in Computer Architecture, 2014.


At CRA-W Computer Architecture Summer School, 2006.

At Southeast Women in Computing Conference, 2013.


Dr. Salapura at IBM science dayDr. Salapura at IBM science day
Dr. Salapura teaches science to a troop of Girl Scouts.