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Principal Research Staff Member, Member IBM AoT
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  American Association for the Advancement of Sciences  |  Fellow, IEEE  |  IBM Academy of Technology

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Pictures from some of my past projects

The Linux Watch aka Watchpad - 1999-2002

First Linux Watch Prototype Linux Watch Prototype with OLED display Linux Watch Prototype jointly built with Citizen Watch Company.

Personal Mobile Hub 2002-2004

Personal Mobile Hub


Soulpad - 2005

three layer virtualizationusage sequence

 GeoCam 1996-1998

Photos from 1997

Enterprise Mashups Event Maps - 2010-11

Event MapsEvent Maps Location

Event Maps Heat MapEvent Maps Mobile

 Enterprise Mashups Oganization Maps - 2008-09

String Based Interfaces - 2005

Screen Phone 1998 (Interactive Voice Response Unit Menu shown on Screen)

By extending the IBM Mwave Modem Dialer (IBM RealPhone) on IBM ThinkPad 755 CX, the interactive voice response menu was displayed and clickable, allowing callers to avoid having to listen to voice prompts and speed ahead - US Patent 6104790. Yes, this was before everything was on the web! Back then per min charges for 800 numbers were around 12-20c/min and such a system had cost benefits for the business too. This idea is currently instantiated in what is referred to as "Visual IVR" by several companies such as Jacada, Genesys, etc. Example video, and another example video.

Pictures from 1998


1993 -  OpenGL 3D Softgraphics