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Research Staff Member
IRL, Chennai, India


  1. MPD (IBM) - Markovian based optimizer for computing product interactions in portfolio management, Internal use, September 2017.                                                                                                                   

  2. PPO (Oracle) - Promotions Planning Optimizer, Commercial, Pre-release, September


  3. ZOOS (Penn-State) - Barrier solver for the unit commitment problem in power markets,

    Open-Source, Beta version, October 2014.

  4. NOQS (Argonne) - Generic Quadratic Programming solver tailored for response surface

    modeling, Open-Source, October 2013. [Link -]

  5. POUNDERC (Argonne) - Derivative Free solver for Constrained Optimization, Open-

    Source, April 2014. [Link -]

  6. CNTFFN (UIUC) - Carbon nanotube based fi xed-fi xed NEMS, Open-Source, March

    2008. [Link -] 

  7. CNTCSN (UIUC) - Carbon Nanotube based NEMS with cantilever structure, Open-

    Source, March 2008. [Link -]