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Vice President, IBM Watson & Cloud Platform, New York
IBM Watson


1.     Invited Panelist, Digital Innovation Festival - The Future of Work –

2.     Invited Panelist, Australian Computer Society Panel on technological, regulatory and ethical issues confronting business and government as well as what human skills will be needed in the new age of machines and application of artificial intelligence, Sydney,

3.     Invited Panelist, Vivid Sydney, “Human & Machine – the next great creative partnership” Sydney June 2, 2017

4.     Invited Panelist, Water Leaders Forum, “Big Data:  How can Water Leaders Lead the Way?”,

5.     Keynote, “Leveraging Data & Analytics with Deep Learning”, Macular Telangiectasia Project, The Lowy Medical Research Institute Annual Meeting, New York Academy of Medicine, May 2017

6.     Keynote, “Leveraging Data & Analytics with Deep Learning”, Alcon Research Institute Podos Colloquium in Baltimore, Maryland, Alcon Research Institute Podos Colloquium, at ARVO, May 2017

7.     Invited Panelist , “Innovating with industry: what's next? “Universities Australia Higher Education Conference, Canberra, March 2017

8.     Invited Panelist, Grattan Institute State of Affairs 2017 “How is technology reshaping the economy?”, Brisbane, March 23 2017

9.     Invited Panelist, World Science Festival, The New Normal – The Age of Quantum Supremacy, Brisbane , March 23, 2017

10.  Invited Panelist, “2017. The year your home got smart,” PauseFest,  Melbourne, Feb 9th 2017

11.  Plenary – “Discover how Industries and Ecosystems are transformed by Cognitive Technology,” Gartner Symposium ITXPO, Gold Coast Convention Center, QLD, 26 Oct 2016

12.  Panel Moderator, Beyond Binary Quantum Capabilities in Australia, Sydney, Oct 25, 2016

13.  Keynote,  Science Meets Business, Oct 24, 2016

14.  Keynote, Rare Cancers Forum, Transforming Healthcare with IBM Watson, Parliament House, Canberra, Oct 18, 2016

15.  Keynote, Beyond Digital  - OutThink Ordinary, AGL DigiFIT Conference, Melbourne Oct 12, Sydney Oct 19, 2016

16.  Keynote, Creating a Cognitive Future, IBM Solutions Connect, Melbourne & Sydney, 2016

17.  Keynote, IBM ThinkForum, June 28th Sydney 2016

18.  Keynote  “Proactive disaster management through data assimilation, analysis, modelling and visualisation”  5th Australian and New Zealand Disaster and Emergency Management Conference Gold Coast, May 2016

19.  Invited Speaker, “Fighting Cancer Case study: How data and smarter computing are helping doctors to better diagnose one of Australia’s most common cancers, Melanoma,” NSW Intelligent Government Mandarin Colloquium, Sydney, May 2016

20.  Invited Speaker, “Accelerating Innovation with Industry & Academic partnerships,” Research Innovation 2016,, Sydney, May 2016

21.  Plenary, “IBM’s current and future efforts in the field of digital health”, AusMedTech 2016, Adelaide, May 2016

22.  Invited Talk, “Cognitive Computing comes of Age”, AMP, Sydney, May 2016 “

23.  Plenary, “Cognitive Computing comes of Age”, CeBIT Australia, Sydney Olympic Park, May 2016

24.  Invited Panelist, PauseFest , “Artificial Intelligence, Should we be afraid?” Melbourne, Feb 11th 2016,

25.  EmTech Asia, Invited  speaker,  “Cognitive Computing
and the Future of Healthcare
”, Singapore, Jan 2016   

26.  Invited Panelist, Echo IT Town Hall meeting, Sydney, Dec 3, 2015

27.  Plenary – “Master Disruption and be at the Centre of your Organisation's Digital Future,” Gartner Symposium ITXPO, Gold Coast Convention Center, QLD, 29 Oct 2015

28.  Invited Panelist,  “Opportunities and Challenges of Globally Networked Cameras,” ACM International Conference on Multimedia, Brisbane, 27 Oct, 2015

29.  Plenary – “Disaster Management at IBM Research” 2nd International Symposium on Disaster Management, Melbourne, 13 Oct, 2015

30.  Keynote – Masters of Invention & Innovation, Sydney Opera House, 14 Oct, 2015

31.  Keynote - Invention for Innovation” SEC Corp, CIO Summit, Sydney

32.  Invited talk, “Leveraging data & analytics for a smarter healthcare system” Board meeting, Australian Physiotherapy Association, July 17, 2015, Melbourne

33.  Invited talk, “What industry wants from a collaborationBuilding long-term Research & Industry Collaborations, 30th June & 1st July2015, Sydney,

34.  Keynote - 36th Annual State of the Nation, Parliament House, Canberra, on the 22 and 23 June 2015, Old economy, New economy.  -,

35.  Invited Panelist :  Links: Turning the Research-Industry Nexus into Commercial Gold,  Monday 16 February 2015, Convergence Science Network,