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Almaden Research Center, San Jose, CA, USA


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Statistical Machine Learning Algorithms

Qiao, M., Li, J., "Distance-based Mixture Modeling for Classification via Hypothetical Local Mapping", Statistical Analysis and Data Mining: The ASA Data Science Journal, 9(1), 43-57, 2016. (Manuscript)

Qiao, M., Li, J., "Gaussian Mixture Models with Component Means Constrained in Pre-selected Subspaces", arXiv:1508.06388 [stat.ML;cs.LG], 2012.

Qiao, M., Li, J., "Two-way Gaussian Mixture Models for High Dimensional Classification", Statistical Analysis and Data Mining: The ASA Data Science Journal, 3(4), 259-271, 2010. (Manuscript) (Best Student Paper Award, American Statistical Association (ASA) Statistical Learning and Data Mining Section)

Scalable Machine Learning for Big Data

Zhang, Q., Qiao, M., Routray, R., Shi, W., "H2O: A Hybrid and Hierarchical Outlier Detection Method for Large Scale Data Protection", in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Big Data (BigData), pp. 1120-1129, 2016.

Machine Learning in Cloud and Edge Computing

Liu, L., Zhang, X., Qiao, M., and Shi, W., "SafeShareRide: Edge-based Attack Detection in Ridesharing Services", in Proceedings of the USENIX Workshop on Hot Topics in Edge Computing (HotEdge), pp. --, 2018.

Qiao, M., Bathen L., Genot, S., Lee, S., Routray, R., "StackInsights: Cognitive Learning for Hybrid Cloud Readiness", in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD), pp. 261-268, 2018.

Ong, Y., Qiao, M., Routray, R., Raphael, R., "Context-aware Data Loss Prevention for Cloud Storage Services", in Proceedings of the IEEE International Conference on Cloud Computing (CLOUD), pp. 399-406, 2017.

Machine Learning in Service Science

Anantharaman, P., Qiao, M., Jadav, D., "Large Scale Predictive Analytics for Hard Disk Remaining Useful Life Estimation", in Proceedings of the IEEE BigData Congress, pp. 251-254, 2018.

Nezhad, H.M., Cappi, J.M., Nakamurra, T., Qiao, M., "RFPCog: Linguistic-based Identification and Mapping of Service Requirements in Request for Proposals (RFPs) to IT Service Solutions", in Proceedings of the 49th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 49), pp. 1691-1700, 2016.

Liu, H., Qiao, M., Greenia, D., Akkiraju, R., Dill, S., Nakamura, T., Song, Y., and Nezhad, H. M., "A Machine Learning Approach to Combining Individual Strength and Team Features for Team Recommendation", in Proceedings of the 13th International Conference on Machine Learning and Applications (ICMLA), pp. 213 - 218, 2014.

Greenia D., Qiao, M., Akkiraju, R., "A Win Prediction Model for IT Outsourcing Bids", in Proceedings of the Service Research and Innovation Institute (SRII) Global Conference, pp. 39-42, 2014.

Machine Learning in Multimedia, Social Media, and Visualization

Xu, A., Liu, H., Gou, L., Akkiraju, R., Mahmud, J., Sinha, V., Hu, Y., Qiao, M., "Predicting Perceived Brand Personality with Social Media'', in Proceedings of the AAAI International Conference on Weblogs and Social Media (ICWSM), 2016.

Yao, L., Suryanarayan, P., Qiao, M., Wang, J. Z., Li, J., "OSCAR: On-Site Composition and Aesthetics Feedback through Exemplars for Photographers", International Journal of Computer Vision (IJCV), 96(3), 353-383, 2012. (Penn State News)

Yan, X., Qiao, M., Simpson, T. W., Li, J. Zhang, X., "Work-Centered Visual Analytics to Support Multidisciplinary Design Analysis and Optimization", in Proceedings of the 14th AIAA/ISSMO Multidisciplinary Analysis & Optimization Conference, AIAA-2012-5662, 2012.

Yan, X., Qiao, M., Li, J., Simpson, T. W., Stump, G. M., Zhang, X., "A Work-Centered Visual Analytics Model to Support Engineering Design with Interactive Visualization and Data-Mining", in Proceedings of the 45th Hawaii International Conference on System Sciences (HICSS 45), pp. 1845-1854, 2012. (Best Paper Award Nomination, online demo).

Knowledge Graph, Information Retrieval

Qiao, M., Nakamura, T., Gupta, M., Crihana, C., Sharma, S., "Supporting IT Service Information Management with Knowledge Graph", the 24th Annual Frontiers in Service Conference, 2015.

Mukherjee, D., Blomberg, J., Akkiraju, R., Raghu, D., Gupta, M., Ghosal, S., Qiao, M., Nakamura, T., "A Case Management Approach to Serve Information Needs In Knowledge Intensive Processes", in Proceedings of the 11th International Conference on Service Oriented Computing (ICSOC), pp. 541-549, 2013.

Qiao, M., Akkiraju, R., Rembert, A. J., "Towards Efficient Business Process Clustering and Retrieval: Combining Language Modeling and Structure Matching", in Proceedings of the 9th International Conference on Business Process Management (BPM), pp. 199-214, 2011.

Other Publications

Qiao, M., "Mixture Modeling for Complex and Large-Scale Data with Applications", Ph.D. Dissertation in Computer Science and Engineereing, Pennsylvania State University.

Qiao, M., "Visual Analytics Through Gaussian Mixture Models with Subspace Constrained Component Means", M.S. Thesis in Statistics, Pennsylvania State University.