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Research Staff Member and Master Inventor
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


Select Publications in Planning

At IBM, I have developed the Planner4J family of Java-based planners. See details on its page for details.

Planning Applications:

  • See papers on Synthy web services composition approach.
  • Applying Planning in Composition of Web Services with a User-Driven Contingent Planner , (with A. Mediratta), In IBM Research Report RI 06002, February 2006*.
  • Managing the Life Cycle of Plans (with J. Vanhatalo and J. Koehler), Proceedings of the 17th Annual Conference on Innovative Applications of Artificial Intelligence (IAAI-05), Pittsburgh, USA
  • Challenges in Adapting Automated Planning for Autonomic Computing , (with S. Kambhampati), In Proc. International Conference on Automated Planning & Scheduling (ICAPS 2005), Monterey, USA, 2005.
  • Bringing Planning to Business Applications with ABLE (with J. P. Bigus, D. A. Schlosnagle), In Proc. International Conference on Autonomic Computing (ICAC 2004), New York, USA, May 17-18, 2004.

Tooling for Applying Planning:

  • Domain-Dependent Parameter Selection of Search-based Algorithms Compatible with User Performance Criteria (with A. Mediratta), Proceedings of the 25th National Conference on Artificial Intelligence (AAAI-05), Pittsburgh, USA
  • A Software Framework to Apply Planning Techniques , In Proceedings of Knowledge Based Computer System (KBCS-2004), Hyderabad,pages 382 to 392, 2004, ISBN 81-7764-711-3. Also as IBM Research Report RI 04001, March 2004.