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Principal Research Scientist & Research Manager - Multilingual Question Answering
IBM Research AI, New York, USA


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Professional Associations:  Association for Computational Linguistics

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I've been fortunate to have mentored and/or collaborated with these amazing students either as my interns or IBM PhD Fellows or through university collaboration. If you're interested in working with me send me an email directly with your resume and research interests. Apply for the IBM internship program: it's a great and memorable experience.




  • Xinyu Hua, PhD Student (Northeastern University)
  • Pengcheng Yin, PhD Student (CMU). IBM Phd Fellow.
  • Ananya Subburathinam. PhD Student (RPI)
  • Di Lu, PhD Student (RPI). Now: Research Scientist at DataMinr


  • Tongtao Zhang, PhD Student (RPI). Now: Research Scientist at Siemens Research



  • Thien Huu Nguyen. PhD Student (NYU). Now: Assistant Professor at University of Oregon.