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Research Manager
IBM Research - Africa


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Professional Associations:  Engineering Council of South Africa  |  IEEE   |  IEEE Communications Society  |  IEEE Industrial Electronics Society


Air Quality Evaluation and Forecasting
Machine learning, analytics, internet of things

With air quality evaluation the objective was to unveil how well intervention strategies to improve air quality were working. This involved taking a look at historical and live data from air quality monitoring stations and comparing the data to air quality standards targets. This was fundamental to assessing the level of health risk associated with local air quality.

For air quality forecasting the objective was to perform air quality forecasting with high accuracy and at a high resolution. This would provide a valuable tool for planning and decision support and would encourage a pro-active approach to dealing with potential incidents where air quality will be at unfavourable levels


Solar Photovoltaic Component Estimator
Mobile application development, web API

The aim of the project was to develop an ICT solution with a mobile application front end to guide Solar PV system set-up at remote rural areas at affordable costs aligned to the household equipment preferred by rural households.


Asset Maintenance Optimisation in Electricity Distribution Networks
Optimisation, asset maintenance

The objectives of this project were to optimise the management of inventory in electricity distribution networks such that there can be greater operational efficiency, reduced unplanned outages and lower operational costs. The approach planned was perform concept work for the design and development of an integrated system for optimally managing asset inventory including a model and application that does away with cases of excess and inadequate inventory and creates a distinction between how critical and non-critical stock is handled.


Data Driven Expertise Matching
Machine learning, dynamic teaming, graph theory

The goal was to create a system that continually outputs a representation of all of the skills, competencies, and disciplines that best describe the work within the company. Such a system would be used to help shape company strategy, foster dynamic teaming, and to inform hiring and professional development.

Other Projects


Robust 2d/3d Sonar Imaging System for Harbour Surveillance

Sonar imaging, 2d/3d visualisation, human machine interface, system integration


Visual Surveying Platform

Machine learning, data capture, analysis and visualisation


Water Quality Monitoring System

Real time monitoring and control, service oriented architecture


Mining Safety Robot

Teleoperation, telemonitoring, mobile computing


Automated Lensless Blood Diagnostics System

Computer vision, cloud services


Grader Training Simulator

Virtual reality, simulation of physical systems


Vehicle Operator Computer Based Training (CBT) Course

Computer based training


Roof Bolter Training Simulator

Virtual reality, simulation of physical systems


Haul Truck Training Simulator

Virtual reality, simulation of physical systems


Push2Talk Mobile Phone Application

Adaptive multi-rate codec, push2talk


Web Based Fleet Tracking System

GIS, geocoding, reverse geocoding, reverse engineering


Building Automation and Management using Wireless Sensor Nodes

Wireless sensor networks