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Research Scientist in Nanophotonic Devices
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  IEEE Member  |  Optical Society of America


  Summary: 45 US and international patents granted, 36 pending patent applications 

Granted Patent Applications

P26. T. Barwicz, Y. C. Martin, J.-W. Nah, “Optimized solder pads for microelectronic components,” granted as US 9466590 (2015 filing).

P25. T. Barwicz, H. Numata, Y. Taira, “Single Mode Polymer Waveguide Connector,” granted as US 9417404, US 9429718 (2015 filing).

P24. S. Assefa, T. Barwicz, W. M. Green, M. H. Khater, J. C. Rosenberg, S. M. Shank, “Silicon photonics integration method and structure”, granted as US 9368653 (2014 filing).

P23. T. Barwicz, E. Kimbrell, T. Lichoulas, “Dual Polymer fiber Optic interface with Melt bond Adhesive,” granted as US 9360635 (2014 filing).

P22. T. Barwicz, E. Kimbrell, T. Lichoulas, “Fiber Optic Interface with Adhesive Fill System” granted as US 9285542 (2014 filing).

P21. T. Barwicz, D. M. Gill, W. M. Green, M. H. Khater, Y. A. Vlasov, “Material structures for front-end of the line integration of optical polarization splitters and rotators,” granted as US 8923665, US 8942519 (2013 filing).

P20. T. Barwicz, P. F. Fortier, T. Lichoulas, “Fiber pigtail with integrated lid,” granted as US 9400356 and US 9316796 (2013 filing).

P19. S. Assefa, T. Barwicz, S. Kamlapurkar, M. H. Khater, S. M. Shank, Y. A. Vlasov,” Stress engineered multi-layers for integration of CMOS and Si nanophotonics,” granted as US9087952, US8765536 (2012 filing).

P18. T. Barwicz, R. L. Bruce, S. Kamlapurkar, “Far back end of the line stack encapsulation,” granted as US 8932956, US 8994177 (2012 filing).

P17. T. Barwicz, P. F. Fortier, S. G. Harel, Yurii A. Vlasov, “Semiconductor photonic package,” granted as US 9243784 and US 9206965 (2012 filing)

P16. T. Barwicz, H. Numata, Y. Taira “Flexible fiber to wafer interface,” granted as US 8534927, US8545108 (2012 filing).

P15. T. Barwicz, B. Dang, “Assembly of electronic and optical devices,” granted as US 8752283 (2012 filing).

P14. T. Barwicz, D. R. Childers, D. Kurtz, “Fiber to wafer interface,” granted as US 8724937 (2011 filing).

P13. T. Barwicz, “Transparent Photodetector,” granted as US 8604574, GB 2505120 (2011 filing).

P12. S. Guha, K. Jenkins and T. Barwicz, “High density memory device” granted as US 8987693, US 8362477, JP 5704967 (2010 filing).

P11. L. Klein, T. Barwicz and H. Hamann, “Piezoresisitive strain sensor based on silicon nanowire and nanowire array,” granted as US 8347729 (2009 filing).

P10. T. Barwicz “Constrained oxidation of suspended micro and nano-structures,” granted as US 8415220 (2010 filing).

P9.  T. Barwicz, G. Cohen, L. Sekaric, and J. W. Sleight, “Top-down nanowire thinning processes,” granted as US 8546269 (2009 filing).

P8.  T. Barwicz, L. Sekaric, J. W. Sleight, “A method for forming a robust topdown silicon nanowire structure using a conformal nitride and such structure,” granted as CN ZL201080020644.7 and TW I463565 (2010 filing)

P7.  T. Barwicz, L. Sekaric, J. W. Sleight, “Robust top-down silicon nanowire structure using a conformal nitride,” granted as US 8080456 (2009 filing).

P6.  D. Chidambarrao, L. Sekaric and T. Barwicz, “Semiconductor nanowires having mobility-optimized orientations,” granted as US 8299565, US 7943530, CN-ZL201010154450.8, JP 5607400, KR1143760 (2009 filing).

P5.  T. Barwicz, D. Sedana, “Structures having lattice-mismatched single-crystalline semiconductor layers on the same lithographic level and method of manufacturing the same,” granted as US 8053810, US 7994028, CN ZL200810213770.9 (2007 filing).

P4.  M.A. Popovic and T. Barwicz, "Fabrication Tolerant Silicon Waveguides and Resonators,” granted as US 7853108, US 8068706 (2006 filing).

P3.  T. Barwicz and M.A. Popovic, "Microphotonic Maskless Lithography,” granted as US 8105758 (2006 filing).

P2.  T. Barwicz and M.Qi, "Improved multilayer processing by functional separation of material deposition, lithography, and etching," granted as US 7482277 (2004 filing).

P1.  T. Barwicz, M.R. Watts, C. Manolatou, and M.A. Popovic, "Precise modification of the resonant frequency of a dielectric microcavity and correction of frequency-shifts in coupled-dielectric-resonator filters," granted as US 7450800, US 7343067 (2003 filing).

Published Patent Applications

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