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Senior Research Engineer
India Research Laboratory, Bangalore, India


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  ACM  |  Association for Computational Linguistics  |  IEEE


PC Member, ICON 2022

Area Chair, IBM Day Talks at IISc 2022.

PC Member, NeurIPS 2022

PC Member, EMNLP 2022.

PC Member, CODS-COMAD 2023

PC Member, CIKM 2022

PC Member, ACML 2022


PC Member, NeurIPS Demo 2021.

PC Member, CIKM 2021.

PC Member, CODS-COMAD ADS Track 2021.

Attended Board of Studies meeting at NMNIT, Bengaluru.

Presented Explainable Entity Matching demo at ICML Expo 2021.

PC Member, ACL 2021.

PC Member, NAACL 2021.


Presented Explainable Link Prediction Demo at NeurIPS 2020.

Presented poster at SpicyFL Workshop at NeurIPS 2020.

PC Member, GCLR 2021.

Presented Industry Abstract at ISWC 2020.

PC Member, CODS-COMAD 2021.

PC Member, CONLL 2020.

Presented Explainable Link Prediction Demo at the IBM Booth at ICML 2020.

PC Member, DLG Workshop 2020.

PC Member, CIKM 2020.

Gave Guest Lectures on "Link Prediction in the Real World" at RVCE, Bengaluru and NIE Mysuru.

PC Member, ESWC 2020.


PC Member, CONLL 2019.

PC Member, DLG Workshop 2019.

Organizing Committee, AMLD 2020 Challenge - D'Avatar.

PC Member, ACM SRC 2019 Grand Finals

Organizing Committee, IBM-IIMA Hackathon, ICADABAI 2019, Jan 29-Feb 28, 2019,

PC Member, ESWC 2019.


Invited Talk, Smart Compliance with IOT, Big data, and the Cloud, November 25, 2017,


Science Slam, Coginitive Compliance - Short Talk, June 27, 2017