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IBM Fellow/Chief Scientist Software Technology
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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1971 Robert Bruce Dow Award, Washington Square College, NYU
1979 IBM Outstanding Innovation Award: Universal Hash Functions
1979 Member, POPL program committee
1983 Member, program committee, High-Level Debugging Workshop
1985 Editor, ACM Transactions On Mathematical Software
1985 Member, POPL program committee
1985 Member, Lisp and Functional Programming program committee
1985 IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award: Lisp/VM
1985 IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award: PCTERM
1987 Conference Co-chair, POPL
1987 Editor, Lisp and Symbolic Computation: An International Journal
1988 IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award: Data Compression
1989 IBM Corporate Award: Data Compression
1991 IBM Computer Science Division Award: Best Paper
1992 IBM Outstanding Technical Achievement Award: Static Single Assignment
1993 Elected member IBM Academy of Technology
1994 IBM Master Inventor
1995 ACM Fellow
1995 Member, Combinatorial Pattern Matching program committee
1996 IBM Corporate Patent Award
1998 Keynote speaker 25th POPL Conference, "Global Trends in Flow Analysis"
2000 General Chair, POPL
2001 IBM Academy, Technical Commitee member and Science TAT leader
2002 Member, POPL program committee
2004 Member, 20 Years of PLDI program committee
2004 IEEE Fellow
2006 ACM SIGPLAN Achievement Award
2007 IBM Research Division Award: Jinsight
2007 IBM Fellow
2008 IBM Ninth Patent Plateau
2010 Member, National Academy of Engineers
2015 Berkeley Distinguished Alumni Award