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Inventor, Machine Learning Science Engineer
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  IEEE


Cognitive Vocabulary is a mobile application for early childhood learning facilitating conversations, leading kids to meaningful and personalized vocabulary learning. In the application, kids can create ‘stickers’ such as: backgrounds, graphic objects, animated gifs, music, SFX, and voice recordings. Through conversation, the application ensures that kids acquire and use vocabulary words that are meaningful to them and their work. The innovative procedural content drives scalable instruction, simple games facilitate continual assessment, and adult-facing dashboard allows caregivers to shape the learning. 



For each vocabulary word, learners engage in:

Implicit Instruction

  • Present words in multiple contexts: fiction/non fiction, images/multimedia, articulate different use cases.
  • Present words in coherent conceptual groups: surrounding with related words and what child is.

Explicit Instruction

  • Present definitions, antonyms, synonyms, root/anchor word & suffixes. Include digital dictionary as a feature to teach strategies (e.g. look up word)
  • Provide opportunities for syllabication, decoding, spelling, even just recording yourself saying word aloud aids retention.


Current State and Future Plans

The cognitive vocabulary app was built in partnership with Sesame Street and the first pilot was released in June 2017 and tested in Georgia’s Gwinnett County public school district at 4 schools, 8 classrooms and 177 students. The future plan is to release the production app to 150 schools for upto 1M students.  


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