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Cal Swart joined IBM Research in the fall of 1982. Since then he has worked on a variety of projects ranging from object-oriented toolkits, handheld applications, and nextgen web applications.
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Things I am proud of
•Object-oriented ClassC programming
•Object-oriented graphics classes
•PS2 video card
•OS2 anti-aliased fonts
•OS2 embedded browser control
• (NetVista)
bring internet applications to schools on a low-cost budget
•Palm Pilot Safeway home shopping application
•Palm Pilot insurance application
•Web Adaptation Technology (WAT)
developed an IE plugin to allow low-vision users to modify web pages dynamically
developed a Firefox plugin port of the WAT technology
•Productivity assessment for parallel computing
•Mobile application login with face, voice and gesture
•Visitor's/Applicant's web site
for people interviewing with IBM for scheduling their visit
prototyping tool that uses a human performance model to automatically evaluate how efficiently a skilled user can do a task on a design
•Chef Watson
create recipes using Watson technology that have never before been cooked
•Maintaining researcher
Maintain researcher infrastructure
developed routines to upload photos and files
helped develop and maintain interface to Google Scholar
developed LinkedIn interface to import profile
developed publications interface to Microsoft Academic
developed an deployed W3 login
maintained Watson Concept Insights (Piazza)
ported Piazza to new Red Hat VM
integrated Academy of Technology into researcher
troubleshoot and fix problems
deploy code
•Port Researcher to Bluemix
deployed SQL database to Bluemix
deployed application(s) to Bluemix and Kubernetes
used Object Storage for pictures and files
developed routines using PHP S3 to upload files and photos to Object Storage
ported researcher from PHP 5 to PHP 7
•Group Support
supported the groups that I was in by setting up, maintaining, troubleshooting team laptops
setup and maintained group infrastructure
group IT support
go to person for troubleshooting problems
some java
o some nodejs express
o docker

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