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EFDC (Environmental Fluid Dynamics Code) is a state-of-the-art hydrodynamic model originally developed by the EPA, that can be used to simulate aquatic systems in one, two, and three dimensions. It has evolved over the past decades to become one of the most widely used and technically defensible hydrodynamic models in the world. EFDC uses stretched or sigma vertical coordinates and Cartesian or curvilinear, orthogonal horizontal coordinates to represent the physical characteristics of a waterbody. It solves three-dimensional, vertically hydrostatic, free surface, turbulent averaged equations of motion for a variable-density fluid. Dynamically-coupled transport equations for turbulent kinetic energy, turbulent length scale, salinity and temperature are also solved. The EFDC model allows for drying and wetting in shallow areas by a mass conservation scheme.

Over the course of my research I have contributed a number of extensions and developments to the code including:

O'Donncha, F, Ragnoli, E. and Suits, F. "Parallelisation study of a three-dimensional environmental flow model." Computers & Geosciences 64 (2014): 96-103.

Inclusion of modules to represent aquaculture structures described in:

O'Donncha, F., Hartnett, M., & Plew, D. R. (2015). Parameterizing suspended canopy effects in a three-dimensional hydrodynamic model. Journal of Hydraulic Research, 53(6), 714-727.

And inclusion of modules to represent marine hydrokinetic structures described in:

O'Donncha, F., James, S. C., & Ragnoli, E. (2017). Modelling study of the effects of suspended aquaculture installations on tidal stream generation in Cobscook Bay. Renewable Energy, 102, 65-76.

The code is available on my personal GitHub: