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  • Audio Distribution System. World’s first commercially viable digital voice mail product. Pioneered the concept of a user interface management system supporting rapid alteration of function throughout development. Contributions recognized by Human Factors Society Alexander C. Williams Jr. Award.
  • Olympic Message System. Provided voice communications for Olympic athletes, coaching staff, family, and friends throughout 1984 Summer Games. Featured a novel message notification system based on an early object-oriented language from IBM Research. Associated paper on the behavioral principles of system design – cover story for Communications of the ACM -- still a frequent download from ACM Digital Library.
  • NetVista. Integrated suite of autonomic servers and multi-platform clients (including IBM’s first offering for the Apple Mac) developed entirely in a pure object system. Product enabled primary and secondary schools to easily and safely access the Internet through shared low-bandwidth connections.
  • SmartPad. IBM’s first mobile e-business application. Pioneered the concept of retail shopping via a mobile device, demonstrating how novice users could effectively access terascale relational databases. Featured in two consecutive IBM Annual Reports.
  • accessibilityWorks. Multi award winning browser enhancement allowing people with visual, motor, and cognitive disabilities to use the World Wide Web. Now a key open source component in emerging Global Public Inclusive Infrastructure.
  • Novel content creation, management, and concept-based search system that automatically creates rich interconnections between people, projects, publications, and professional interests. Provides the external Web face for the worldwide IBM Research population (thousands of researchers, tens of thousands of publications). If you're reading this, you're reading it on this system.
  • HPC Petascale Productivity. Funded by DARPA’s High Productivity Computing Systems initiative, developed a rigorous empirical and model-based approach to human productivity assessment. Basis for the successful demonstration of 10x productivity gains in parallel scientific programming and system administration for users of IBM’s POWER7 IH petascale cluster.