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Research Staff Member : Computer Science
IBM Research - Tokyo, Japan


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  ACM Senior Member  |  IEEE Member

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More information:  IBM Design Thinking Practitioner  |  Tokyo Lab - Technical Master

[External Achivements]

  Best paper award at IEEE International Conference on Services Computing, July 2018.

  Finalist in the Service Science Best Cluster Paper Award at INFORMS, November 2016.

  (INFORMS: Institute of Operations Research and Management Science)

  Hojjat Adeli Award for Innovation in Computing - Award by the Computer-Aided Civil and Infrastructure Engineering Journal.  June 2015


[Achivements at IBM]

  Open Source Recognition Program 2021 - Significant Contributor

  Corporate Technical Award (one of IBM's top technical award) , April 2020 

  Outstanding Technical Achivement Award, April 2019

  Outstanding Technical Achivement Award, April 2018

  Regional Journal of Eminence Award, September 2016

  Research Divsion Award, April 2016