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IBM Research Laboratory - Zurich, Rueschlikon, Switzerland


E. Delamarche and G.V. Kaigala (editors)
Open-Space Microfluidics, Wiley 2018.
ISBN: 978-3-527-34038-5.
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Total 18 chapters (listed below chapters contributed by G.V. Kaigala):

E. Delamarche, R. D. Lovchik, J.F. Cors and G.V. Kaigala,
Hydrodynamic Flow Confinement Using a Microfluidic Probe

J.F. Cors, J. Autebert, A. Kashyap, D.P. Taylor,
R.D. Lovchik, E. Delamarche, and G.V. Kaigala
Hierarchical Hydrodynamic Flow Confinement and Recirculation for performing Microscale Chemistry on Surfaces

R.D. Lovchik, D.P. Taylor, E. Delamarche, and G.V. Kaigala
Hydrodynamic flow confinement-assisted immunohistochemistry from micrometer to millimeter-scale

A. Kashyap, D. Huber, J. Autebert, and G.V. Kaigala
Local nucleic acid analysis of adherent cells

Cover, Open-Space Microfluidics, Wiley

Review articles  

Nip the bubble in the bud: a guide to avoid gas nucleation in microfluidics
Pereiro, I., Fomitcheva Khartchenko, A., Petrini, P., and Kaigala, G.V.
Lab on a Chip, 2019.


I. Pereiro, J. F. Cors, S. Pané, B. J. Nelson, and G. V. Kaigala,
Underpinning transport phenomena for biopatterning
Chemical Society Reviews 48(5), 2019.


D. Huber, A. Oskooei, X. C. Solvas, A. deMello, and G.V. Kaigala,
Hydrodynamics in cell studies,”
Chemical Reviews 118(4), 2042–2079, 2018.


D. Huber, L. von Voithenberg, and G.V. Kaigala,
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH): History, limitations and what to expect from micro-scale FISH?
Micro and Nano Engineering 1, 15-24, 2018.


G.V. Kaigala, R.D. Lovchik, and E. Delamarche,
Microfluidics in the ‘open space’ for local chemistries on biological interfaces,”
Angewandte Chemie 51(45), 11224-11240, 2012.


Cover Chem Rev. 188(4)

General articles  
X.F. van Kooten, F. Paratore, and M. Bercovici, G.V. Kaigala
Highly sensitive biomarker analysis using on-chip electrokinetics,”
ERCIM News, October 2017.

A. F. Khartchenka, A. Kashyap and G. V. Kaigala
"Improved Antibody Optimisation for Tumour Analysis Through the Combination of Machine Learning with New Molecular Assay,"
ERCIM News, July 2019.