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E. Delamarche and G.V. Kaigala (editors)
Open-Space Microfluidics, Wiley 2018.
ISBN: 978-3-527-34038-5.

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Total 18 chapters (listed below chapters contributed by G.V. Kaigala):

♦ E. Delamarche, R. D. Lovchik, J.F. Cors and G.V. Kaigala,
Hydrodynamic Flow Confinement Using a Microfluidic Probe

♦ J.F. Cors, J. Autebert, A. Kashyap, D.P. Taylor,
R.D. Lovchik, E. Delamarche, and G.V. Kaigala
Hierarchical Hydrodynamic Flow Confinement and Recirculation for performing Microscale Chemistry on Surfaces

♦ R.D. Lovchik, D.P. Taylor, E. Delamarche, and G.V. Kaigala
Hydrodynamic flow confinement-assisted immunohistochemistry from micrometer to millimeter-scale

♦ A. Kashyap, D. Huber, J. Autebert, and G.V. Kaigala
Local nucleic acid analysis of adherent cells


Cover, Open-Space Microfluidics, Wiley

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Review articles  

♦ I. Pereiro, J. F. Cors, S. Pané, B. J. Nelson, and G. V. Kaigala
Underpinning transport phenomena for biopatterning
Chemical Society Reviews, 2019.


♦ D. Huber, A. Oskooei, X. C. Solvas, A. deMello, and G.V. Kaigala,
Hydrodynamics in cell studies,”
Chemical Reviews 118(4), 2042–2079, 2018.


♦ D. Huber, L. von Voithenberg, and G.V. Kaigala,
Fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH): History, limitations and what to expect from micro-scale FISH?
Micro and Nano Engineering 1, 15-24, 2018.


♦ G.V. Kaigala, R.D. Lovchik, and E. Delamarche,
Microfluidics in the ‘open space’ for local chemistries on biological interfaces,”
Angewandte Chemie 51(45), 11224-11240, 2012.


Cover Chem Rev. 188(4)


General articles  
♦ X.F. van Kooten, F. Paratore, and M. Bercovici, G.V. Kaigala
Highly sensitive biomarker analysis using on-chip electrokinetics,”
ERCIM News, October 2017.