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IBM Research USA, Thomas J. Watson Research Center


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Professional Associations:  ACM  |  Society for Industrial and Applied Mathematics

Cucheb (CUDA)

The Cucheb library is a CUDA implementation of the filtered Lanczos procedure for the solution of sparse Hermitian eigenvalue problems on NVIDIA GPUs. Jared Lee Aurentz is the lead developer.

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EigenRec (Fortran90+MPI)

The EigenRec library is a Fortran 90 implementation of a Lanczos-based, latent factor framework for Top-N recommendations. EigenRec is designed for distributed memory computing environments.

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PP-BCG (Fortran90+MPI)

The Parallel Projection Block Conjugate Gradient (PP-BCG) library is a Fortran 90 implementation of an accelerated block Conjugate Gradient scheme for the solution of SPD dense linear systems with multiple right-hand sides. PP-BCG targets distributed memory computing environments and has been successfully tested on up to four BG/Q racks (65,536 cores).

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TeraPCA (C++)

TeraPCA is a multithreaded C++ software suite based on Intel's MKL library (or any other BLAS and/or LAPACK distribution) that aims on computing the leading Principal Components of large-scale datasets that can not fully reside on the system memory. TeraPCA features no dependencies to external libraries and combines the robustness of subspace iteration with the power of randomization.

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