Contact Information

Sanjeeb Dash
Research Staff Member
Thomas J. Watson Research Center, Yorktown Heights, NY USA

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Research Interests

  • Integer Programming Theory and Applications
    - Group relaxations and polyhedra; Cutting planes
  • Linear Programming & Semidefinite programming
    - Exact/Floating point LP solvers; semidefinite relaxations of IPs and Polynomial Optimization problems
  • Software for Mathematical Programming

Research Software

  • QSopt, a floating point LP solver.
  • QSopt_ex, an exact LP solver (returns rational solutions). A "light/simplified" version can be found here.

Editorial Boards

  • Associate Editor, INFORMS Journal on Computing
  • Associate Editor, Mathematical Programming Computation
  • Associate Editor, Operations Research Letters
  • Associate Editor, Naval Research Logistics


Conference Organization


  • Ph.D. (2001), Computational and Applied Mathematics, Rice University, Houston, Texas.
  • M.S. (1995), Mathematics and Computer Applications, Indian Institute of Technology, Delhi, India.

Previous Work

David Applegate, William Cook, Gerard Cornuejols, Daniel Espinoza, Matteo Fischetti, Marcos Goycoolea, Oktay Gunluk, Jayant R. Kalagnanam , Andrea Lodi, Ramesh Neelamani, Deepak Rajan, Chandra Reddy, Andre Rohe, Gregory Sorkin