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Research Staff Member for Data Centric Cognitive Systems
The Hartree Centre, Sci-Tech Daresbury, WA4 4AD, UK



Eloisa Bentivegna is a Research Staff Member for Data Centric Cognitive Systems in Daresbury, UK. She holds a PhD in Physics, with minor in High Performance Computing, from Penn State University, and has experience with the application of computational techniques to different physical phenomena, such as those involving strong gravity and high-energy quantum fields.

She works on building computational models of fluid-dynamical systems and developing an infrastructure for veryfying and streamlining these models using cognitive technologies. Her broader expertise involves multiscale phenomena and coarse graining, relativistic optics, and nonlinear elliptic problems. She is an author of and contributor to a number of modules in the Einstein Toolkit, the main community code infrastructure in Numerical Relativity, and keeps an active interest in Classical and Quantum Gravity and Cosmology.