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Senior Research Scientist
IBM Research Laboratory, UK


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  Fellow, Institute of Physics (IOP)  |  Royal Society of Chemistry (RSC)  |  Sigma Xi



I am a Senior Research Scientist working in the field of Statistical Mechanics of liquids, ices and and 
(biological) glasses. In 2019 I was nominated
"Benjamin Meaker Visiting Professor" at the Institute
for Advanced Study, University of Bristol, and Fellow of the Institute of Physics in 2021.

I received a BSc and a MSc in theoretical chemistry from the Universita` degli Studi di Milano, Italy,
where I received a
PhD in collaboration with the Ecole normale superieure in Paris for a project aimed
at developing a
model to study exciton transfer in dissipative media. After graduation, I joined the CNRS
in Paris as a postdoctoral scholar with a 2-year fellowship,
developing classical potentials to describe the
interaction of water with heavy ions of
interest in the nuclear industry. Afterwards, I moved to
Princeton University (USA) as a 4-years postdoctoral associate in the group
of Prof. Roberto Car.
Here I worked in understanding the properties of water under
extreme thermodynamic conditions.
After this postdoc, I was appointed to Faculty Associate
Researcher at Princeton University, where I stayed
for one year befor joining IBM Research.

My updated publication list can be found here