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Dr. Fausto Martelli received a BSc in Physical Chemistry from the Universita` degli Studi di Milano, 
Italy, where he earned a PhD in Theoretical and
Computational Chemistry in collaboration with the
Ecole normale superieure in Paris.
During his PhD, Dr. Martelli developed a model to study exciton
transfer in dissipative
media. He than joined the CNRS in Paris as a postdoctoral scholar with a 2-year
developing classical potentials to describe the interaction of water with heavy ions of
interest in the nuclear industry. He than moved to Princeton University (USA) as a postdoctoral associate in the group
of Prof. Roberto Car, where he worked in understanding the properties of water under
extreme thermodynamic conditions. Dr. Martelli was promoted to Faculty Associate
Researcher at Princeton University before joining the IBM in 2018.
He is the ideator of a new approach to characterize and quantify order in condensed phase, and
his current research is in the field of Statistical Mechanics of liquids and (biological) glasses, and
Number Theory.