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IBM Research AI
Cambridge Research Center, Cambridge, MA USA



I am a member of the Visual A.I. Lab @ IBM Research in Cambridge, MA (USA) and PhD student @ University of Konstanz (Germany), aiming to equip product teams with Network Science algorithms on a service-oriented cloud platform. Network Science is a multifaceted, interdisciplinary research area with strongly formalized, distinctive character generating new perspectives and insights into various domains. Its very underlying subject of study are combinations of data items, which is tightly integrated into the scientific method, and sets it apart from areas like data mining & machine learning in general. I may use the popular claim "Networks are everywhere!" only to outline that networks are not only computer networks: social networks, protein-interaction networks, drug-medication networks, trade networks and many others are valid examples, too. My current research is focused on the computation of layouts for big(ger) network data sets, results that are critical in the exploration process of network data through very popular node-link diagrams.