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Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland


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I am a Research Scientist at IBM Research - Ireland. My work focuses on applying machine learning, analytics and PDE-based simulation models to assist operations of a number of industry verticals. My research focuses on integrating IoT data from disparate sources to extract insight and information from data, and optimising these tools to a variety of HPC and Cloud based platforms. Together with a broad consortium of industry and academic partners, I am currently working to impart IoT and machine learning technologies to the aquaculture industry. Our work integrates data from a variety of sources including environmental sensors, underwater video monitoring, hydroacoustic technology and drone imagery, together with satellite and other geospatial datasets, into a unified cloud platform, encapsulating the full dynamics of the farm environment in real time. The ultimate aim is to deploy this 'precision aquaculture' framework s to transition the aquaculture industry from ad hoc decision making based on heuristics and intuition to real-time informed decisions backed by AI insights and IoT connectivity.

Previous research interests include implementing data assimilation techinques to improve ocean modelling capabilities, developing advection-diffusion model (with data assimilation) within an advanced "Exascale" programming environment (http://www.allscale.eu/home), and deploying and extending ocean modelling code to simulate the effects of aquaculture installations.

As a confluence of my research expertise, I have a broad interest in how machine learning can complement and accelerate traditional partial-differential-equation based simulation tools. I have studied this area extensively and applied to case studies of both air pollution and ocean wave modelling.

I am a chartered engineer and hold a Ph.D in Civil Engineering from National University of Ireland Galway. In my career, I work to apply state-of-the-art techniques to solve complex problems that provides value to industry and society.