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Research Staff Member
Ireland Research Lab, Dublin, Ireland


Professional Associations

Professional Associations:  International Association for Mathematical Geosciences


I am a Research Scientist at IBM Research - Ireland. My work focuses on applying simulation models, analytics and machine learning techniques to assist operations of marine based industries. This encompasses developing and deploying physics based models that describe hydrodynamic conditions, optimizing those models to a variety of HPC and Cloud based platforms and leveraging observational data to optimize forecast accuracy via data assimilation.

Prior to joining IBM Research, I received a Ph.D in Civil Engineering from National University of Ireland Galway. My Ph.D studies investigated the effects of aquaculture installations on hydrodynamics and water quality by conducting detailed laboratory and numerical modelling simulations. As part of that study I extended the widely-used hydro-environmental modelling package, Environmenal Fluid Dynamics Code (EFDC), to incorporate the effects of aquaculture installations into the model physics.

In my career, I work to apply state-of-the-art techniques to solve complex problems that provides value to industry and society