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Research staff member and Master Inventor
Dublin Research Lab, Ireland


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Professional Associations:  International Physics and Control Society (IPACS)

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More information:  Building cognitive IoT solutions using data assimilation



Research Interests

  • Partial Differential Equations (PDE): linear evolution equations and generalized inversion of linear mappings, Navier-Stokes equations, Hamilton-Jacobi-Bellman equations; reduction to finite-dimensional Differential-Algebraic Equations (DAEs)
  • Data assimilation and inverse problems for PDE: sensor readings assimilation for environmental problems, image assimilation for optical flow reconstruction, full waveform inversion, hydraulic diffusivity inversion, traffic density estimation
  • Estimation and control for PDE: reduced-order state estimation by means of DAEs; uncertainty propagation and dynamics of reachability sets; optimality conditions (Pontryagin maximum principle, Dynamic Programming) and regularization (Tikhonov method); duality


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